Screen Recorder

A powerful all-in-one tool for capturing and recording the screen on Windows or Mac

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You can capture all activities on your desktop, audio and webcam. The program allows you to customize all the settings according to your preferences. After recording, you can do a simple edit and choose the file format you prefer to export the video.
Required system
Windows: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7
Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher (macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra)

Win Mac

Simple steps to record your screen

step 1

Install the software and custom the Setting

Install and run Screen Recorder on your PC / Mac, customize the settings as needed.

step 2

Start recording your video

In the software interface, choose between making a video or audio recording.

step 3

Editing recording and exporter your video

During recording, you can add some annotations to your video / capture. When you have finished recording, you can also cut the video before saving your file.

Capture all the activities on your desktop

  • The simple interface makes you understand immediately how to choose a recording mode: full screen, fixed region, customization of a given region, etc.
  • Advanced Modes offers you several ways to record video: Mouse Surround, Mouse Track, Fix and Save Window, Exclude Window and Save.
  • The program also supports the recording of your Webcam.
  • Edit and clip video or audio before saving: Once the recording is done, you can make some changes before recording the video, such as edit or clip the video or audio file.
capture all activities on your pc

Functions all-in-one

  • Video recorder:
  • Recording region flexible (full screen, fixed region, custom region, or the region around the mouse, etc.)
  • webcam record supported
  • Video can be registered with or without system sound and microphone.
  • Audio recorder: Two type of sound could be recorded: system sound and microphone
  • Screen capture: Take a snapshot and make the edition, you can also exporter this capture to multiples formats,
  • Edit while recording and capturing: different lines and shapes, blurry, text available, redo and undo, etc.
edit video audio

Useful for several cases

  • Education or lessons
  • Games
  • Online conference or business presentation
  • Live Streams Recording
useful for several cases