Android Data Backup & Restore

Back up All Android Data in No Time

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File types are selective before you choose to back up, including app data.
Practical to do backup and restoring your Android data with one click.
Free to back up your phone files, no limit to the memory.

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Reasons to Use Android Data Backup & Restore

  • Loss of phones puts data at risk. According to research, the average person loses 1.24 phones, laptops or tablets a year.
  • 57% of people who had lost an item thought that losing the data upset them more than the device itself.
  • Android OS tends to crash and accidental deletion happens, which might lead to data loss.
reasons use android backup restore

Features of Android Data Backup & Restore

  • Backups of one phone can later be used for another, including apps and app data.
  • File types are selective before you choose to back up the data.
  • Specific items can be previewed, chosen before recovery and further, transfer to a phone.
  • Simple steps and smooth process are ensured by the intelligent interface and excellent programming.

Android File Management on Computer

  • Data that are saved before can be seen via Android Data Backup & Restore. You can simply enter the feature and choose "view backup history"
  • It's really convenient in that the information doesn't need to be exported to the phone for browsing, of which contacts is an example. Specific items can be shown and choosen when you decide that they should be on the handset.
  • Also, with the built-in file manager feature,  users can do things like getting to know when and with which phone are the backups performed. Plus, backups can be deleted if no longer needed.
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