Founded in 2015, Android-Recovery is committed to providing mobile users with all kinds of news information, solutions for Android phones and iOS devices. At the beginning of the creation of this site, we were still in the development period of Android mobile phones, it is then that the founder, thought to give solutions concerning the recovery of data of smartphones, the transfer of mobile data and other essential tips to provide good solutions to Android users. As the consumer group of iOS devices grows, Android Recovery begins to expand the content of its services, including tips for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Now, you can already find tutorials and articles to fix problems on your PC, and to optimize all your devices.

Our values

espirt équpeTeam spirit
satisfation clientCustomer satisfaction
passion pour parternariatPassion for the partnership
esprit ouvertOpen mind

Team spirit

We believe that, to ensure the success of every employee, team and group as a whole, we must have a common goal, supported by open communication, mutual respect and a sense of responsibility for the quality of the result.


We always report new information to our audience.

Customer satisfaction

Our philosophy is "always deserve the privilege of being the first choice of our customers".

Passion for the partnership

Together with our partners, we value each other and we devote ourselves to the maximum to provide the best services to our readership.

Open mind

We always keep an open mind to all things and accept the advice and criticism of our audience. We also do our best to adapt quickly to technological development.

Our mission

Provide our readers with an overview of effective and simple solutions for Android devices and iOS devices. We want to do our best to help shape mobile development by quickly sharing information on the latest news. Every day, we help you to carry your luggage to better appreciate this exciting journey to the unknown.

Android Recovery is aimed at mobile users, technology enthusiasts and anyone who has a smartphone or is looking for an answer to their questions in this area. Our goal is to give solutions or answers to people in need, and we like to share our passion about technology with all users.

We offer content:

Realistic: that showcases simple tips and practical tips on phone use or mobile device optimization;

Respectful: gives many methods and tips for our users to help them choose and make the best decisions possible;

Cooperative: keeping in mind the need of our readers and taking into account their comments.

notre mission

Our team


notre équipe 1

Avery Pacheco


notre équipe 2

Sofia Brook


notre équipe 3

Louis Habersham


Marketing Team

notre équipe 5

Eleanor Brown

Marketing Manager

notre équipe 6

Ivy Bruce


Support Team

notre équipe 6

Amy Smith

Support team leader

notre équipe 7

Neal Green

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Thanks to your testimonials and your critics we move faster and further while trying to always meet the expectations of everyone as best as possible. If you have any advice or questions to our products or services, any comments will be welcome.

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