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How to Backup HTC Contacts to Computer

By Avery Pacheco, 12/09/2014, updated on 21/01/2022

Actually, if you just want to transfer the address book to phone storage, follow these steps:

1) Open the People app.

2) Tap the "menu" button > "Manage contacts".

3) Press "Import/Export contacts" > "Export to phone storage".

4) Select types of contacts or an account to export > click "OK".

Even if you are not a tech savvy, the guide can be easily understood, I believe. But, what if you would like to save the information to a computer? Some people do this for the reason that when the phone is missing, they will not lose the numbers. And, yes, data loss happens more than you think. The phone could fall into water, be reset, or even be stolen. When that does come true, few people is patient enough to ask the numbers back one by one.

Now, four applications will be introduced and it is your decision to make which one suits you the best, though they are of different advantages. They are HTC Sync Manager, Android Data Recovery, Android Manager and Mobile Transfer, which are professional tools that can be used to backup HTC contacts to PC. Also, all of they allows you to recover HTC phone numbers. But, the second can even do that without a backup file.

Part One: Save HTC Address Book with HTC Sync Manager

Step 1. Install HTC Sync Manager and Connect the Handset to PC

Download the software at the HTC website. And, after installment, launch it. Next, plug the phone in via a USB cord.

Transfer HTC Contacts to PC

Step 2. Store the Information

Click "Home" and then "Transfer & Backup". Finally, press the button "Back up now" and let the program do its thing.

Backup HTC Contacts

Part Two: Transfer HTC Contacts to PC with Android Manager

To back up Android phone data, Android Manager can play important role in this area since it can get your cellphone files to the computer or organize the data without difficulty.

Step 1. Just connect the device to the PC via data line after running it. It is in need to choose "Android" to go on exporting contacts.

Connect Phone to PC

Step 2. If you can view the homepage, you are allowed to open the "Contacts" page from the left list. Tick the boxes in front of the certain names and then, go to "Export" > "Export selected contacts to conmputer" > "to vCard file" or other files. Export Contacts

Note: For copying back contacts, go to "Super Toolkit" and "Restore".

Part Three: Backup HTC Phone Numbers with Android Data Recovery

The program, Android Data Recovery, is highly recommended for the use of backing up and recovering files. And the word "recover" here is not just about copy the backup file to the phone. Even without one, it can manage to do so as long as the things are not overwritten yet. (So, you might want to stop using the phone until the documents are retrieved.)

Step 1. Get the Phone Connected Correctly

Use a USB cable and plug the HTC to the computer. You can then double click to open the program. Press "More Tools". And the driver will be installed if this is the first time. The backing up process requires access to the debugging feature. So, what you need to do is going to your phone and do as the interface says. When it is done, continue Step 2.

Debug Android

Step 2. Pick Wanted File Types

By pressing "Android Data Backup&Restore" and "Backup", you can select the kinds that are to be saved. (The way to retrieve data is choose "Restore" instead.) Tick "Contacts" only for this case. And use the button "Backup" as you can see at the corner.

Pick File Types

Part Four: Migrate HTC Phone Numbers with Mobile Transfer

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer

Have the software downloaded by clicking the buttons. (Please note that there are two versions. The left one is for Windows and the right one for Mac.) Open it and use a USB cord to connect the device and a computer.

Step 2. Scan for Files and Back Them up

Choose "Back Up Your Phone", the blue one in the middle. And then the program will automatically detect your data. After that is done, you will be allowed to tick the items. (Use "Restore From Backups" when you want to recover things.)

Save HTC Address Book

Check "Contacts" in the first place and click "Start Copy". You need to wait for a moment until a box pops up, saying "All selected files are backed up completely."

Backup HTC Phone Numbers

This is the end of the guide.  So, which one do you think is more user-friendly? Most users prefer Android Data Recovery for its supported file types and efficiency. As for HTC Sync Manager, it seems like the company has not attached so much importance to the program, so when in use, the interface tends to freeze. Anyway, you can try them all to decide which one is better. If you have any problem when using the four, leave us comment.

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