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How to Backup Sony Xperia Media Files

By Avery Pacheco, 28/08/2014, updated on 21/01/2022

If you simply want to transfer the files to your memory card, here is a guide you can follow:

1) Click "Menu" > "Organizer" > "File Manager"2) Select the tab "In phone" and open a folder where the media files are.3) Tap "Options" > "Mark" > "Mark all"4) Select "Options" > "Manage file" > "Copy" > "Memory card"5) Choose a destination folder and tap "Paste".

But, if you want to backup Sony Xperia media files to a computer, four ways are provided in this article—each of them is extremely easy to handle. There are two steps for each method. Please read for more details. And before that, download Sony PC Companion, Android Data Recovery, Mobile Transfer or Android Manager first.

You are going to need them because your data is at a risk a losing any minute. We know that many of us change our phone when the old one is broken or lost, which means our videos, audios and any other things that store our pretty memory may be gone forever due to accidental deletion, phone damage, etc.

Part One: Save Media Files on a Sony Phone with Sony PC Companion

Sony PC Companion contains several modules, of which "Backup & Restore" is the most frequently used one. It is quite convenient to save the content with a few clicks.

Step 1. Connect the Sony Handset after Installment

This software is available at the Sony website. Click the hyperlink above and have it downloaded. The next move is to install Sony PC Companion. After that, launch it and plug your device in via a USB cord. You will see this window. Find "Backup & Restore" and click it. The first time you use the module, the application will download it. After that, press "Start" to continue.

Backup Sony Media Files

Step 2. Select Sony Media Files and Save Them

On the interface below, tap "Backup" in the middle. (And tap "Restore" instead when you are recovering data.) You can also click "Setting" on the upper right corner and set the time interval between two backups. For example, you can make the software copy your files every other week.

Backup Media Files from Sony Phones

And then, you will choose what kind of file is to be backed up. Tick "Music" and "Videos". Next, click on the button "Next"

Save Sony Media Files

After that, you are allowed to change the name of the backup file and the folder. If you have no intention to do that, skip to the next move. Then, the content will be saved.

Transfer Media Files from a Sony Phone to PC

Press "OK" at the end. (The types that you choose are going to be listed in the "Summary of the content backed up".)

Save Sony Audios and Videos

Part Two: Backup Sony Audios and Videos with Android Manager

Another method can fix this backup issue and that is to use Android Manager, a practical tool to make media files migrated between devices and PC easily. You can manage your audio and video/photos both on phone and computer.

Step 1. It is easy to notice that you should choose "Android" on the home page and connect your device into PC via a useful USB cable.

Plug Phone to PC

Step 2. For backing up the media, there are two approaches here.

Way 1. Click "One-Click Backup" and tick the box in front of "Music", "Videos" and "Photos". Then, choose a folder to save them with pressing "Back up".

Back up Media Files

Way 2. Move to "Music", "Videos" and "Photos" page separately. Then, select the songs, videos, or pictures that you like to export them to the PC. This way is in order to transfer Android data selectively. For those who want to regain things from backup, go to "Super Toolkit" and choose "Restore".

Export Media Files

Part Three: Save Sony Media Files to PC with Android Data Recovery

You may be wondering why Android Data Recovery is used for backing up files. As a matter of fact, besides the file retrieving and saving parts, this program can also do things like unlock your Android phones.

Step 1.Connect Your Sony with PC

The first thing to be done, ithout doubt, is connecting the phone with your computer. When plugged in, the device will be automatically detected just as the following interface shows. But, you may need to go to your phone and enable USB Debugging if it tells you to. Do as the screen says and easily get it done.

Connect Devices

Step 2.Choose Wanted File Types

You can then go to "More Tools">"Android Data Backup&Restore">"Backup". And nice kinds will be displayed for your choices. Since we are going to do the media files, tick "Gallery", "Video" and "Audio". At last, press "Backup". (If you want to copy the information back to the phone agiain, go to "More Tools">"Android Data Backup&Restore">"Restore".)

Choose File Types

Part Four: Xperia Audios and Videos By Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer makes data transfer easier between two Smartphones, or between a handset and a computer. It is also good choice when you need to backup the Sony media files.

Step 1.Have Mobile Transfer Download and Plug the Phone in

Click one of the buttons below to have a right version for your system. (Choose the left one if you are now using Windows; and the right one is for Mac.)

After this is done, set up the software so that you can run it. Then, you need to connect the handset to PC.

Save Videos and Audios on a Sony Handset

Step 2.Transfer Sony Data to PC

Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and you will now see this window. ("Restore From Backups" in the green color is to be chosen if in need.) The phone is on the left while the computer is on the right. The existing files are to be scanned automatically. After that, tick "Music" and "Videos". Click "Start Copy". And you need to wait for a moment until the software says "All selected files are backed up completely."

Get the Sony Media Files Backed up

Hope you can make it. Among them, Android Data Recovery is often chosen, as it supports more file types and works more quickly. It can even deal with app and app data. And PC Companion has this one good thing about it, that is the program can do it automatically when the setting is right. Anyway, choose the one that is better for you. Or, simply use the first two for different situations. If you have questions concerning these applications, leave us comments please.

Note: We want to let you know that it is a good habit backing things up once in a while. Sadly, only a few people manage to do so. But, if data loss does happens, the first thing you can do is to stop adding files to the phone, including shooting photos. And you may need Android Data Recovery to restore the lost photos and videos on Sony for you.