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TunesGo VS AnyTrans: Which Is Better For You?

By Louis Habersham, 25/08/2017, updated on 14/01/2022

Looking for an Android & iOS File Transfer? Then, you must have heard of TunesGo or AnyTrans. The both are well-known and professional Transfer software all over the world. Thus, users might be through a hard time when it comes to picking up one from them. No worry, I'm sure you'll easily make up your mind after reading this guide.

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Review - What is AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is a Phone Manager exclusive to iOS devices only, which is developed by iMobie. It has a clear and nice look with a variety of functions supported. This tool allows users to manage iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes/iCloud content with ease. There are a few features you might be interested:

  • Merge Device: Able to include data between two iOS devices and delete duplicates.
  • Content to PC: Able to move your content to Win/Mac computer like Music, Voice Memos, Movies, Videos, Photos, Books, Podcasts, and Contacts.
  • Content to iTunes: Able to transfer your data to iTunes Library including Music, Movies, Videos, Photos, Books, and Podcasts.
  • Content to Device: Able to migrate your files to another device such as Music, Voice Memos, Videos, Photos, and Books.
  • Clone Device: Able to transfer most data on one iOS device to another iOS device.
  • Add Content: Able to add videos to your iOS device.
  • Fast Drive: Able to quickly export/import data.
  • Download videos: Able to download online videos from sites to your computer/device.
  • Change interface appearance: Choose desirable ones and change the look of AnyTrans.


Review - What is TunesGo?

TunesGo is a comprehensive mobile manager for both iOS and Android devices. It enables data transfer among Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod and Win/Mac computer, along with a couple of useful functions.

  • Backup & Restore
  • Backup Photos to PC
  • Photo to Phone Transfer
  • Convert Photos/Videos to GIFs
  • Rebuild iTunes Library
  • Transfer iTunes Media to Device
  • Once-Click Root
  • Fix iOS/iPad (Currently supported on Mac only)
  • Ringtone Maker (Currently supported on WindowsPC only)


Differences Between Two Phone Transfer

I know you might not yet get an overall knowledge of both phone transfer. If so, I'd like to recommend you to check out the following chart of their differences. Then, I'm sure you can make the right decision.

TunesGo VS AnyTrans

If you're having any lingering misgivings, I'd be glad to solve your puzzles. Don't hesitate to leave your messages down here. Thanks for your long support to Android-Recovery.