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Top-5 Android Launchers To Customize Your Mobile

By Louis Habersham, 30/10/2018, updated on 14/01/2022

A launcher is one of the most important applications for the Android operating system which provides the interaction between a user and a device. It displays almost everything you see on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. A launcher for Android is utility software and a graphical way to design the operating system which includes the desktop, menus, widgets, icons, etc.

Some time ago a creative team from Freepps.Top carried out detailed research of launchers, their functions, interface, and usability. In this article, you will find out more about the best Android launchers in their view.

Android Launchers


Apex Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android phones and tablets which offers various opportunities to customize the mobile device.With Apex Launcher, you can quickly create or delete desktops, customize the application menu and panels, add folders to the desktop where you can place application shortcuts, backup/restore settings, and much more. Apex may be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Key Features

  • An unlimited number of desktops.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Quick access to Google Now voice assistant.
  • The ability to adjust the placement of icons.
  • Desktop Management.
  • Customization of folders.
  • Backup and restore settings to the SD card.


EverythingMe is a free launcher for smartphones and tablets on Android from one of the best Google software developers. Users love it for a variety of features, unique functionality, and system resources.

Key Features

  • The app is dynamic, i.e. it constantly changes depending on what the user is doing at the moment.
  • Smart system for sorting applications by thematic catalogs.
  • Ability to predict user actions based on memorizing all the manipulations performed by him and linking them to a particular period.
  • An advanced module of calls and contacts.
  • A simplified system for local search for files and applications.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher customizes your device with stylish wallpapers, themes, and icons. You can open photos, documents and web pages on your Windows computer and work with them on all your devices.

Key Features

  • Quick access to contacts. Your most important contacts will always be at hand.
  • Various design. Customize the appearance of the device to your taste with wallpaper, themes, and colors as well as icons, and other features.
  • Personal Channel.
  • Continue to work on your PC. Take pictures on your phone and immediately view them on your computer.
  • Simultaneous search on the Internet and the phone.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher has been completely updated. It is an innovative launcher that makes your smartphone or tablet faster and easier to use. Note that the app contains ads and in-app purchases.

Key Features

  • Catchy theme. Smart Launcher automatically changes the colors of the theme to suit your wallpaper.
  • Adaptive icons.
  • Automatic sorting of applications.
  • Smart search which allows you to find contacts and applications quickly.
  • Built-in weather widget.
  • Notifications on the screen.
  • Gestures and hotkeys.
  • Personalization. Smart Launcher is fully customizable thanks to many options.

ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher is another app which is worth your attention. Thanks to its plethora of customizable options, stellar theme support and numerous of other unique features ADW Launcher stands out in a crowd of other launchers.

Key Features

  • Customizable home screen viewing.
  • Customizable application menu (main menu).
  • Additional panel for quick launch of applications.
  • Easy replacing of icons.

As we see, launchers improve usability and customization of our mobile. Use the research on the best Android launchers by Freepps.Top to find the app that suits all your needs.