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Simple Solution to Root Sony Xperia

By Louis Habersham, 01/03/2017, updated on 14/01/2022

Sony Xperia XZ Premium is rolling out in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, as an impressive surprise. As its name suggests, it also enjoys a host of "premium" features including a 4K HDR display, advanced camera technology and an attractive glass design. Premium as this Sony Xperia phone is, users cannot make full use of this phone. That's why people seek for rooting their Sony Xperia phones.

As rooting can relieve the full potential of mobile phones, quite lots of people try all means to get their handsets rooted. Though risks comes along with benefits, it still seems worthwhile for some people. If you're finding a way to get your Sony Xepria rooted, your answer lies below along with the good and bad sides of rooting.

Part 1: Is it Worth Rooting? Here's Pros and Cons

What is rooting? In short, rooting is an Android tech term similar to "Jailbreak" in iPhone operating system. When you get your Android phone rooted, it means getting the total authority on Android, which enables you to take over all control of your Android. However, this is not risk-free. Now, let's take a look at advantages and disadvantages of rooting. Then, to root or not to root, this is a question no more.

What are the Advantages of Rooting?

If you get bored with your Sony phone, rooting might offer you a further experience. There are tempting benefits that attract people to keep trying it. Below are top 10 benefits you might expect:1. Install custom ROMs, making your very own phone.2. Delete preinstalled default apps freely.3. Download and install incompatible apps or tweaks.4. Customize Android with desirable theme and tweaks.5. Remove or block advertisements in any apps.6. Boost your Android and optimize battery life.7. Make a full backup for Android.8. Install the latest Android OS even if it's not available on the model you're using.9. Track your Android device even if it's reset to factory settings.10. Expend external storage with USB-OTG Helper.

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting?

Though the benefits are tempting, it couples with risks like these.1. Device gets bricked. User can gain control over entire system, which means you might make it unresponsive due to mis-operation or malware. Therefore, please download apps and tweaks from reliable sources.2. Void the warranty. Since rooting is not allowed according to the terms of using between users and mobile company, the damage after rooting will not be covered.3. Problems with Updates. If you go with official updates, the rooting status will be fixed. Therefore, if you want to keep your device rooted, please avoid upgrading it with official updates.

Root Sony Xperia

Part 2: How to Root Sony Xperia with One Click?

In order to save your time and set you free from obscure rooting knowledge, here we come out with a brand new "Root" feature in Android Data Recovery. It's totally hassle-free and free from any data loss or systematic glitches. It takes only one click to get your Sony rooted. Let's dive in.

Step 1. Connect Sony Xperia to Software

Please download Android Data Recovery at first, and then associate your Sony with the software via USB cable. Please stay connected in the whole process. Next, click "Root" on the homepage.

Connect Sony to Software

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

If you don't enable USB debugging on Sony, the program will stop you from proceeding. Please follow the steps to enable "USB debugging" and continue.

1. Go to "Settings" > "About Phone".

2. Tap 7 times on "Build number" option.

3. Back to "Settings" > "Developer options".

4. Toggle on "USB debugging".

Enable USB debugging

Step 3. Start to Root Sony Xperia

When enabled, please click "Opened, Next" to proceed. The software will check out the root status at first. Then, please choose "Start" to detect your phone as to find a proper solution before rooting. It's normal that your device will reboots when being detected.Note that please read through "Software User Agreement" before you decide to root your phone.

Root Sony Xperia

When it completes detecting, please click "Root Now" button and wait till it finished. It might take a bit longer, so please wait patiently. After that, your device will reboot and you will take full control of your Sony Xperia.

Root Sony Xperia

Part 3: Fluent Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What does exactly rooting mean?

A: Rooting allows user to gain highest authority as the superuser. It means that user almost enables to do whatever he wants in operating system. On iOS devices, it's known as "Jailbreaking".

Q: What can I get after rooting my Android?

A: Most people do rooting in order to customize their own phone with personalized features. Also, you can speed up Android by removing unwanted apps and optimize battery life.

Q: Does Android Data Recovery void my device's warranty?

A: Rooting is almost forbidden by all mobile companies, so the answer is yes. I'm afraid that you might have to say goodbye to your warranty. However, note that you can update the Android version as to fix rooting status. Also, recovering data from Android will not void the warranty.

Q: Does the software support to root Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

A: Currently our software supports more than 7000 Android devices running different operating system. Root feature in Android Data Recovery is one of the best, which supports more new Android devices once they are released.

It's strongly recommended for you to make a full backup before rooting. Hope you enjoy more with your rooted Sony Xperia. If you got any thing in mind, you're very welcome to share your idea with us.