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Best Apps and Programs to Root Android

By Louis Habersham, 13/10/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

When you decide to root your Android phone, one of the most important things to do is to find an excellent rooting app or program. The app or program has to be safe so that it does no harm to our phone data; It should also be capble of supporting a wide range of Android devices, otherwise, we may fail to root our devices; moreover, it should be easy-to-use, after all, most of us are not pros. Based on above-listed standard, we conclude the best apps and programs avaliable in the market to root Android. Hopefully you'll find the one that is suitable to you.

There are two type of tools to root Android: apps and programs (PC required).

Best Apps to Root Android Phone

Some users prefer rooting their Android applications. It is more convinient because you don't have to connect the device to your computer. So here are the best apps that you could find to root Andoid. Install one in your device and start to get the device rooted.

No 1. Kingroot

Kingroot is a small-sized rooting application working for 104136 different smartphone models, including Samsung, LG, HTC, Moto, Huawei, Nexus, and more. The app is very easy-to-use: you just install the app on your computer, tap on the root button on the app and wait for the rooting process to complete. After rooting, the app is also able to help users to remove pre-installed apps, purify system and prevent battery consuming apps in the background from auto-start. The app is now free to use.

Kingroot Rooting Android

Click here for more information about downloading and using Kingroot to root your Android smartphone.

>No 2. Framaroot

Framaroot is also an app providing one-click root for most of the Android phones that are commonly seen. The app includes different exploits to root Android system: Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn, Gollum, Pippin, Boromir, Faramir, Barahir, Gandalf exploits. So when the app fails to root your phone with one exploit, you may select another exploit to try again. This might help to increase the success rate. After rooting your phone, the app also helps you with installing SuperSU(which you need to manage Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device), unrooting your phone if you want to get back to the unrooting state and excuting script (for advanced users).

Framaroot Homepage

Click here for the tutorial to free download and use the Framaroot app.

No 3. iRoot

iRoot is similar with the two apps above, only that it comes with a PC version. The app is developed by a Chinese developer team but it has English version available. Unlike Kingroot or Framaroot, iRoot requires internet connection to root your Android device. So you will need to turn on network connection before using the app. Moreover, the app is equipped with other features, such as app recommendations: after you finish rooting your Android device with iRoot, it offers app recommendations for rooted device.

iRoot Get Root Access

Click here to learn more about iRoot for Android.

Best Program to Root Android Phone

Although the apps are more convenient, rooting programs can guarantee a higher success rate due to technical reasons. In fact, rooting programs can be as easy as apps if you find the right one.

No 1. Android Data Recovery

Rooting phone with Android Data Recovery is very easy to be operated.

1. Install the program on your PC, open the program and navigate to "Android Root";

2. Connect your device to the PC and the program will check whether your device is rooted;

3. If not, click "Start" > "Root Now' to root the device.

4. Wait a while for the rooting to complete.

Android Data Recovery Root Now

And since Android Data Recovery is also an expert in data recovery and management, you can back up your phone data before rooting to keep data safe and recover deleted data in the future. The program can offer more than just rooting service.

No 2. OneClick Root

With OneClick Root, you can also have your phone rooted in simple steps.

1. Download the program on your PC and connect your device to the program;

2. The program will detect the device and check if the device is supported;

3. Purchase and register a account to continue;

4. The program will then begin to root your Android phone.

OneClick Root Root Now

Since it is a paid program, users can get help from its supporting team to tackle the issues coming with a root device, such as installing ROM & root apps, removing bloatware, repairing Android system, unrooting Android.

No 3. Kingo Root

Kingo Root has both PC and APK version, but the PC version works better. It is free of charge, covering the Android version from Android 1.5 the cupcake to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Like Android Data Recovery and OneClick Root, Kingo Root allows you to safely root your Android phone in one click. Also Kingo Root has the built-in function - remove root, which enables you to remove root in one click too.

Kingo Root Root Successfully

Rooting programs are as easy-to-use as rooting apps on the phone, only that the programs need a computer to root Android. But since rooting programs have a higher success rate, it is a better idea to choose rooting programs when it comes to root Android.