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Five Multiplayer Games To Watch In 2018

By Louis Habersham, 13/07/2018, updated on 14/01/2022

This era is much more revolutionary and innovated than one can expect. There was a time when Ludo, Chess, Ono, and Monopoly were considered as indoor games, but now great graphics and innovated dimensional PC, smartphones and console gaming is deemed to be indoor. Due to this renovation in gaming, spending time with a joystick in hand is familiar among people of every age group. There was a time where gaming was considered as a waste of time for kids, but now elders are even fully indulged in this modern day playing. Indoor gaming is significant among people because it does not need fitness and stamina and there are no weather requirements.The gaming of today is more technical and advanced which needs better analytic skills and awareness to be played. The trends and the fashion of gaming have always varied. From playing offline to going live against various is very appreciated. The trendiest entity of gaming of today’s generation is multiplayer. There are many multiplayer games in which people either team up or play against each other. To know better about multi-player games, click here. After the recognition of the working of multiplayer one should opt for some games. There are five multiplayer games to watch in 2018.

1- Fortnite

This game is on fire since it was released. Fortnite is one of the top games of this year. In this game, there are zombies spread across the world who are on a mission to extinct humanity. Four random partners are allocated which is a multiplayer feature. These players need to improve their defences by developing forts or barriers and collect as much weaponry to defeat the opponent tactically.

2- FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is a game with various features, but the most important one is multiplayer. Multiplayer is called versus attack in the game in which you face opponents from across the World. The primary mission is to improve your team and take it to glory by winning more and more matches. This game is well-known for its significance in graphics and gameplay. The practical effects can mark a question of reality or animation.

FIFA 2018


One of the best multiplayer shooting and action games across the World! This game is entirely multiplayer, but you can practice it offline. In this game hundred people are to be embarked at a place. Random killing is done among these people and those who survive wins. You can play this game as an individual. With a teammate or with three teammates. The teammates to be selected can be your Facebook or social media friends.

4- Dragon ball FighterZ

This game is yet to be released in various areas, but it is gaining loads of revenue from Japan. In this game, a person must select three characters to fight a random opponent across the Globe. One character participates, and the others can be swapped or used for combo moves. A player does not win unless he defeats all the fighters of the opponent.

5- Far Cry 5

This game is much like PUBG. In this game, opponents are to land at an area and fight each other. The one who survives win. This game is highly realistic and allows a person to get their hands upon some good weaponry.  At the start, you get an option to customize the appearance of your character randomly.

Far Cry 5

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