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How To Find Your Lost Android Phone?

By Avery Pacheco, 07/05/2019, updated on 14/01/2022

Is It Possible To Track Stolen Android?

Some may argue, but the Android operating system has been the most popular among others during the latest years. Indeed, Android offers unconventional benefits to its users. With the launch of every new Android-powered smartphone, the users hurry to try out the latest software innovations. Although, it frequently happens that such powerful and costly phones get stolen.

If you are reading this, you have probably been in a similar situation. But there has to be a way to track a lost Android device. And maybe we can help you to find your smartphone. Keep reading to find out whether it’s possible to locate your stolen Android and how to do it.

Samsung S9

Locate Your Phone With Find My Device

Find My Device helps Android users to find, lock and erase the lost phone, tablet and Wear OS watch. Find My Device works straightforwardly: it locates your smartphone and shows where it is on the map. You can simply locate your smartphone with Find My Phone from your Google Account.

To turn on Find My Device, you need to sign up your Google Account. Usually, it’s done right when you set up your phone after the purchase. You can find your device with Find My Phone only if your phone is:

Find My Phone is a reliable way to locate a stolen smartphone. But it has certain disadvantages. Usually, thieves turn off the device they take. In such case, Find My Phone will be unable to locate your phone. What adds more to the cons of this method, is that the Find My Phone service shows approximate location. It won’t be able to indicate the exact place where the device is hidden.

Discover Where You Samsung Is Using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is the service created for locating lost Samsung phones. Find My Mobile allows you to remotely find your stolen smartphone, lock the screen, back up your data and block access to Samsung Pay. As you see, Find My Mobile gives you more options than Find My Phone, but the first service is only applicable to Samsung devices.

Find My Mobile tracks what’s happening to the lost device and notifies you when the SIM-card is changed. This service from Samsung extends your opportunities even more. It allows you to check up to 50 recent calls and assign a family member, who can also locate your smartphone and make it ring.

Track Your Lost Android With Real-Time Locating App

Nowadays, there are lots of options to find your smartphone or locate your family member. With the constant development of technology, the software creators present more and more applications that prevent the loss of your device. Some of them are parental controls.

Track Your Android

The parental controls are good at locating Android phones. Apps like mSpy, are compatible with all Android devices helping you to locate either your own or the device of your kid, whenever it gets lots.

There are also other tracking options you can use. Family Locator is one of such GPS tracker apps that can help you find out where your phone or the phone of your family member is.

Family Locator allows a close circle of people to stay connected without the need to call or text each other. Once you install the app, you can add family members, friends and other people you would like to share your location with. The good thing about this app is that anyone from your circle can locate your phone when it’s lost or stolen.

Another option is the Cerberus Phone Security app. It also allows you to locate your lost device and lock it with a code remotely. The app starts the loud alarm even if the device is in the silent mode, which makes it easy to find your smartphone when it’s somewhere in your house.

Cerberus Phone Security covers advanced features for rooted smartphones. If someone performs a factory reset on your stolen device, nothing will happen to Cerberus. This will increase your chances to find your Android.

As you see, it is indeed possible to track your stolen Android device. The key is set up the locating methods as soon as you purchase your smartphone. So, you will prevent your Android mobile phone from being gone forever.