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How to Estimate Timing & Resources for a Project Launch?

By Avery Pacheco, 23/04/2019, updated on 14/01/2022

No matter what your product is about and how it is going to look like, it is important to do its proper estimation in terms of time and workforce frames. Both aspects of product development are important. They allow you to estimate the timing and costs for the product creation.

estimate timing for a project launch

Aimed at improving the position of your business, there is no other way for you rather than knowing all the factors that might influence the entire process. The amount and complexity of functions to be implemented, its design, testing scenarios. In this post, you will learn about android app development services and key components that must be considered when estimating both the time frame and the cost of the project.

1 - Number of Functions & Complexity

The number of functions implemented in the application is one of the main factors affecting the project scope and time frame. As a rule, the more functions you need, the more time it takes to design the solution, implement all the features, and properly test them. However, the preferred approach is to develop a minimum functional set.

2 - Understanding Business Logic

One of the key factors affecting the development time is having a clear understanding of the product idea, its goals, and objectives. Thus, when estimating the timing of a project launch, it is critical to collect and analyze all the requirements of the business unit. However, this stage is very important for the success of the application.

understand business logic

3 - Evaluation of the Application Idea

After processing the specs, an important step is to evaluate the idea of a product. Moreover, this stage is simply mandatory if you have a clear plan of product launch, promotion, and use. In order to evaluate the idea, you need to carry out some analytical work - perform competitor analysis, market research, and determine the target audience.

4 - Integration of Third-Party Services

In the case the application must interact with other services to support any functions, it is necessary to integrate the API. Of course, it takes some time to find the right path and tools for implementing it, as well as for the actual implementation of the solution.

5 - Design

The interface of the app is one of the significant components of the entire development process. It begins with the construction of screen layouts that reflect the structure and functions of the future product. At a later stage, the interaction of screenshots elaborates a dynamic prototype, allowing you to see the entire design and logic of the mobile application before starting its development.

6 - Testing & Debugging

The process of testing and bug-fixing is one of the main factors that must be considered when calculating the timing of the project. This stage is a key point of the success of the application. Testing and debugging are integral parts of a single process, which usually takes about a month.

7 - Releasing the App

After bug-fixing and approving the product, it is released to the worldwide market. The launch of a product may take some time - from a week to several months. Therefore, during the estimation process, you ought to consider the possibility that waiting for a release can last somewhat longer than expected.