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11 Best Apps for Better Writing

By Louis Habersham, 04/04/2019, updated on 14/01/2022

Writing has been around for centuries. It's part of our imprints as human beings. We use it to inform, persuade, and move other people. Often times, writing requires not only skill but personality and emotions that come from the heart. It's no secret that even the best writers sometimes can't write, but, with the help of technology, there are writing apps and tools now that can help you stay focused and organized. To strengthen your writing skills, whether it be personal or something to be published, here are 11 best apps for better writing, both free and paid.


ProWriting Aid is one of the best free editing apps. It boasts features such as online editing, a writing coach, and even a guide to style. It highlights errors in your text such as grammar mistakes, overused words, transitions, and the like. It also allows you to upload documents easily, integrating well with MS Word, GoogleDocs, and even Chrome, allowing you access to edit wherever and whenever.


More than just a word processor, Campfire is a software that allows new fiction writers to plan their projects. It works well with both Windows and Mac, built especially for fiction writing. Here you can craft your novel with its word-building feature. A trial for 10 days is allowed, and a one-time payment of $24.99 for the standard version is needed should you wish to continue using the app. The pro version costs $49.99.


Freemind focuses on an significant part of the writing process – brainstorming. Using this tool, you can diagram your thoughts out in a variety of formats. It encourages mind-mapping, featuring tools that help you visualize ideas and certain processes. With Freemind, the era of sticky notes will be behind you.

Calmly Writer

One of the best free writing software,  Calmly Writer offers a simple and user-friendly interface designed to help writers focus on their work. It allows you to focus in entirely on just the words. It features keyboard shortcuts and a “focus mode”, which highlights the current paragraph you're working on. It's also useful for note-taking and editing.

Hanx Writer

Hanx Writer was made by the actor Tom Hanks, and only works for iOS. It can be downloaded for free. While in general it works just as well as other free writing apps, this one is a treat for writers because of its aesthetic and design. It's crafted as a typewriter, complete with animations and audio. The typing sound is made to replicate a real type writer, along with other features – you can't delete words, you have to cross them out. While free, there are paid features you can try which includes other typewriter styles.

The Novel Factory

Built especially for fiction writers, The Novel Factory offers a tutorial on how to craft your first novel – scenes, characters, themes, setting – basically every ingredient you need to build a story. It works both on the web and as a desktop application for Windows. Try it for free, and if satisfied, you can pay for it once for $32.93.

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge is one of the best app for writers, as it aids you to overcome the dreaded writer's block. It jumpstarts your creativity with prompts, allowing you to write any story with single sentences. Timers can be set for more challenge, training you to write faster. This tool comes for free, and is compatible with any operating system, whether on a smartphone, iPad, laptop, or desktop.

Day One

Day One focuses on the power of journal writing. It encourages writers to find new ideas every single day, allowing them to write however they please. This is one of the best writing apps that help cure writer's block and brings forth inspiration. The best part? It syncs across all your devices.


Trello is popular among writers, easily making it one of the best free writing programs available on the web. Its main purpose is to organize, allowing you to customize to-do lists and notes. This is good for managing several writing projects, and promotes collaboration with other people where you can assign tasks and contribute to discussions. It works well with multiple browsers.


Rev is simply a dictation app designed to help writers, specifically on tasks like research. This can be incredibly useful thesis writing or dissertations, as transcribing interviews can be difficult. It is compatible with smartphones like iPhone and Android, allowing you to upload files to be transcribed by an actual person for $1 a minute. It comes with a price, but it's more accurate as opposed to simply just using an automated dictation app.


Blurt is a new app that helps build a habit for writers little by little every day. It's useful for journal entries, essays, blog posts, and even newsletters. You can choose which project type to work on, set a word-count, and the days you plan to work on the project. It's unique feature is encouraging as it promotes free writing and cancels out self-editing by blurring previous sentences. You can use Blurt for free for 14 days, but will require you to pay $4.99 a month should you wish to continue.

Writing never comes easy. It comes with not only skill, but attitudes of patience, discipline, and resilience. Thankfully, these 11 best apps for better writing can help you out!