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The Best Android Project Ideas for Students in 2019

By Avery Pacheco, 22/02/2019, updated on 14/01/2022

5 Best Android Apps Ideas in 2019

Developing an Android application is a great idea that can both make you popular and help you earn extra money. In order to hit the market and fit in, you should dig out the project idea that will be both useful and needed. However, contemplating an idea is the lightest task, easily performed while lounging on your couch. Coming up with an innovative and widely applicable app project, however, is a much more difficult and significant part of the whole development process.

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In this article, we have collected 5 top perspective app ideas that can be implemented in 2019.

Hitchhiking Map

Thanks to globalization, cheap air flights, and low-cost bus transfers, people are getting more and more familiar with traveling on their own, thus eliminating the need for turning to travel agencies to book tours. Within the last decade, hitchhiking has become more popular among the youth. This practice allows people to catch a ride right on the highway and get a free drive. It is very comfortable for travelers who are not tied to any physical place by work or family responsibilities. Moreover, there is no need for advanced planning – you can begin your journey at any time. Thus, you can not only travel for free but also get in touch with local people and discover their cultural heritage.

The idea behind is pretty simple: the most significant problem of hitchhikers is the inability to find the right place to catch a car. A hitchhiking app, created by someone dedicated and aspiring — like you — could provide a common world map with special dots that indicate perfect places for catching a ride.

And the best part is that you do not need to compile the whole list of these spots on your own. You can allow users to create such places with their devices and leave comments about their trip in that place. Thus, you will both provide a useful platform for people with common interests and also deal with a problem that is significant within the said minority.

All-in Social App

Feel tired of installing lots of social apps on your Android device? Millions of people in the world feel the same. Login and password pairs to memorize, constant memory overloads, and frequent app updates can make people steamed up.

The app in question would combine major social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It should allow the user to easily switch between the said websites by only swiping the tabs with different social networks.

Proofreading Service

The majority of students suffer from struggling with huge written home assignments and term papers. However, writing a good academic paper is only half a battle. In order to ensure that it is logically structured and does not contain any grammar and stylistic mistakes, a paper requires proofreading.

But the writer can’t be their own proofreader. In this case, fresh eyes are essential for writing an excellent paper that will get a high grade. Nowadays, students ask their friends or specialized academic agencies (for example, the-essays.com) to proofread their works. With an Android app, you can perform a platform where students can ask other users to proofread their papers for a little fee.

Giveaway App

The overpowering majority of people never give the environmental issues a second thought, preferring simply throwing everything in the trash instead of sorting their garbage and reusing old items to reduce their carbon imprint at least a little. Some people, though, try to pull their weight in prolonging the life of our planet by following the waste hierarchy pattern — reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse. But, even if you can’t apply it to a thing that isn’t of any use to you anymore, you can give it away to someone who actually needs it. That is called a giveaway movement.

There is a lot of active Facebook groups, yard sales, websites, etc., partaking in the so-called “Giveaway” events. They are designed for people to exchange used goods for free and without any commissions.

You have a great opportunity to digitalize the process! Create an app to sort the offered goods, booking system (instead of first-come-first-served, people will reserve used goods for some time and then come and claim them), and feedback and rating possibilities.

Audio City Guide

When coming to a foreign city, tourists usually want to get to know the history of the place and its main cultural features. The guided tour is still one of the best opportunities to get familiar with local historical heritage and visit the most popular sightseeing places.

But the other side of the coin is that such tours are not performed every day and may not coincide with your traveling schedule. The Audio City Guide should be designed to solve these problems. It will offer users to listen to audio tours with the help of their smartphones at any time they want.

The user should come to the specified place on the map in order to activate the audio description. Thus, they can plan their trip on their own, without adapting to tour agencies' timetable. Translating the guides into several foreign languages can become an advantageous feature for your future app.

Car Sharing

A new trend of sharing economy is currently gaining popularity in most of the developed countries. People are willing to share commodities, cars, and accommodation, saving a lot of money on it.

A car sharing is a form of renting a car from its owner instead of a rental company. Thus, one can just send a request to another person and use their car for some period of time for a charge. You can use this idea and launch a startup that will allow people to easily get in touch with each other, leave feedback, and check car availability using an online tracking system.