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Check Real-Time Weather on Android Anytime, Anywhere

By Louis Habersham, 10/04/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

Amongst all the applications in your portable Android, I beg weather application is one of the most practical widgets. To check real-time weather on Android anytime, anywhere, have a tour of platoons of applications below and then get one for your Android. If you think those apps are too many, you can move part of apps to SD card or manage apps via Android Manager.

Weather+: A Long Time Favorite of Android Users

Weather +

Weather+ is deemed as one of the most useful weather applications. When you enter the program, you will be attracted by the ornate interface instead of solid background color and data show. The background picture is coincident with the current weather, making it much more intuitive and eye-catching. Weather information is orderly listed in the upper pane, embracing time, date, location, weather condition, and etc., after which is the five-day weather forecast. Information can be refreshed every three hours. Wind speed, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and so on are displayed at the bottom. What's more, you can add cities and receive weather information of it.

Our Users Say: "Beautiful. Would be nice to have a pattern password though."

AccuWeather: Your Quick and Accurate Weather App


Auto location direction, up to 10 locations, notification alerts.... This is AccuWeather, a fabulous and ad-free weather app! AccuWeather is one of a most popular widget applications in the app store today. It is customizable and user-friendly. There are multi-style home screen widgets with different sizes for you to choose from and get it to the home screen. A lot of information is packed into this widget, containing temperature, humidity, wind speed, and etc. When you slide the widget, it will bring up some setting changes you can make. If you touch the Weather, it will give you weather information such as sunrise and sunset time. If you go to My Location, it will give you a look at where you are right now. And you can add cities. Hit the plus button and then you can have ten cities at the list. If you tap the map, it will give you overview of all your favorite cities.

Our Users Say:"Love this app. Has an excellent minute and daily for cast. I live in the country and I love emergency warnings I receive when there is a very bad weather alert."

Weather Forecast: Especially Designed for Weather Check

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast is an intuitive and simple app that provides complete weather information of cities all over the world. It can search and locate your city, after which real-time weather, humidity, temperature, wind and etc. are offered. You can add as many cities as you want and get weather information of them. You can check weather even offline. In addition to its practical function, the app also enhance your visual experience with its nice background picture.

Our Users Say:"I love this app so much because it tells me weather any time."

Bright Weather: Brighten You with A Good Weather App

 Bright Weather

As a pretty bright weather application using Weather Underground as data source, Bright Weather can also capture shots with geographic and weather information. This app supports iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. You can set up smart notification for various conditions, for instance, Weather Alerts, Weekend Weather, Freezing Point and Today's Weather can be customized and added to smart notification.

Our Users Say:"I really like this app. Been using it for a while. Love the widgets and options. And the 'updating' animation freezing issue has been fixed."

Fancy Widgets: Highly Customizable, Beautiful Widgets for Your Android

Fancy Widgets

You may be familiar with a big chunk of beautiful widgets. But they are very similar and are doing the same thing. I prefer Fancy Widget a bit more, which can be used as both clock and weather widget. Your Android home screen can be highly personalized with clock widgets, weather widgets, home(clock & weather) widgets, forecast widgets, and more. It is available to design your own skin or download from the skin market. And you have access to choose color for widget of Temperature, Time, Weather, and Clock. You are allowed to set different widgets to do different things. For example, tap on weather, you can set and get information of temperature, wind, sunrise time, sunset time, humidity and so forth.

Our Users Say:"Long time user. Activation Server has been restored if you are using the unlocker app that goes with this . Previously it has not been able to connect to the authentication server but it seems this issue has been corrected."

Weather & Clock Widget Android: Then Only Weather App You Need

Weather & Clock Widget Android

With Weather & Clock Widget Android, you can view 5-day forecast containing UV Index, humidity, wind speed, temperature, dew point, sunrise, sunset, and moon phase. It is a real-time weather app, keeping you informed of the weather changes. You can add your favorite cities, and get information of what's the weather like by selecting location manually. It allows you to personalize your widget by setting widget style, text color, and text font. Further more, it is available to drag and drop as many widgets to the home screen as you like.

Our Users Say:"Issues seem fixed. The local temperature is shown again and the weather providers seem pretty accurate."

Startled by the excellent designs, right? Move your fingertips and get one. With a portable Android in your pocket, you can check real-time weather anytime, anywhere.