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Change Wallpaper on Android, Cheer Yourself Up

By Louis Habersham, 13/03/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

When you turn on your Android phone, the wallpaper is at the first sight. Sometimes the defaulted wallpaper is exactly boring. Now, developers have developed all kinds of wallpaper apps that can be manged orderly via Android Manager, to liven up your phone. Change a wonderful wallpaper on Android with an app. Then cheer yourself up.

Enjoy Fireworks on Your Handset


Miss an exciting fireworks show at night? Cheer up! Now you can watch fireworks on your mobile phone with Fireworks. Only with a touch on the screen, you can set on visual fireworks. And with lifelike sound and flash, you are allowed to enjoy the wonderful vision feast. Colors and patterns of the fireworks can be chosen. What's more, it is available to save the fireworks on your phone as wallpaper. The current version requires Android 2.3 and up. Just feel free to download and install it on your Android phone.

APUS Launcher : Smart, Fast, and Second to None

PUS Launcher

Fed up with the space-occupied wallpaper application which slows down your device? The smallest, fastest, simplest user system APUS Launcher is advisable! Small and exhaustive functional, the application has Smart Folder and Cloud Recommendation. You can clean your device's RAM in one tap so you can switch between games, apps and messages faster than ever. You can arrange your app with Smart Folder in order to fast and conveniently search your application. If you want to search some recommendable applications, Cloud Recommendation will help you.

Solo Launcher is More than A Launcher

Solo Launcher

Yes, Solo Launcher is more than a launcher. With this strongly functional app, you can search information from the internet. It is available to clear the spam data in your phone and accelerate the handset. Now, more than five thousand free themes are offered. Furthermore, you are allowed to DIY icons with Solo Launcher at will! It is possible to simply the steps on calling, taking photos, sending emails, and so on with a previous set gesture. The 2.2.7 version supports Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and other languages translation.

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers Offers Plentiful Pictures

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

The app focuses on making HD wallpapers to decorate your system. More than 7000 wallpapers in various styles are for your choice, which are inserted with a link. Images can be saved to your photo album for further use. Besides, you can share the decorative images with your friends. If you have nice shots, it will be a good gesture to post it online.

What's New?.

3.6.4: Set as Lockscreen bug fixed. (especially for Samsung devices).

3.6.1: Become an Artist. Fixed some bugs.

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers


Apply ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers, and your mobile phone can be customized with all kinds of stuffs. Abundant free wallpapers, ringtones, notification sounds, and games are available on the application. Audios can be downloaded and set as standard ringtones, contact ringtones, notification ringtones, and alarm sounds. You are allowed to upload your photos and sorted them into different categories by tagging them. Pictures from other users' share can be obtained. Moreover, you can like the photo and comment it if interested.

Reviews· "Enjoy the variety. This app has a very wide variety of everything really. While I wouldn't use this for games, I do use it for wallpapers and the occasional ring tone." - Isaac Eldridge· "Funny stuff Brings back good memories. I will definitely remember who is calling me." - Chris Robert · "Best one! The app is loaded down with options. It's super easy to use and works great absolutely love it." - Ashlee Abell

Cannot wait to chaning your wallpaper? Move your fingertips and get one to add vigor to your Android phone.