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The Best Video Apps for Android

By Louis Habersham, 21/01/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

You may be always besieged with burdensome work. In working days, you spend hours on a home-to-work travel. You have no spare time to sit in the cinema and enjoy a movie. But as an enthusiastic fan of movies, surely you can see a movie on your portable devices, including Android phones and tablets. Here, I am going to recommend five wonderful programs for you to watch videos and enjoy music.

YouTube brings you abundant video programs.


"An extremely useful player that contains all kinds of videos. It is really user-friendly that the program allows users skip advertisements!" - Review from web user

YouTube is familiar to most of users as the most widely used video program in the world. It presents the extremely overall entertainment information to you. Series columns are set, embracing recommendations of videos, channel, hot programs, and broadcast. Programs are sorted out in the light of various needs of users, such as cars, comedy, education, travel and so on. Now the new version allows you to connect your device to a television. Offering bountiful media resources, YouTube fully deserves the title of the best video application.

MX Player Pro is designed for videos in all kinds of formats.

MX Player

The high point of MX Player Pro compared with other like products is the multi-decoding. With the mutli-decoding technology, the application can read almost all different formatted videos files with high speed. The technology also boosts the capacity on dealing with the video files and text. Screen can be zoomed at will by pinching and swiping. Scroll forward/ backward to move to the latter/ former text. Up or down to move the text. Zoom in and out the alter text size. This player allows you to play DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle tracks.

Nexus Media Importer directly reads the video files in your USB device.

Nexus Media Importer

Nexus Media Importer is an innovative means to directly read data in your USB flash drive or card reader. A clean interface including the items of Photos, Music, Videos, and Docs demonstrates what kind of files can be read. You can see your USB files on the Folder. Connect the USB OTG cable, USB drive or card reader to an Android 4.0+ device with Nexus run, you can enjoy your videos and music without a third-party device. The size of it is only 1.7M, occupying little space of your Android. And the newest version requires Android 4.0 and up. Remember to check the running system before installing it.

Podcast Addict especially furnishes unique videos for you.


Idea of Podcast Addict is to match your need. Since Podcast Addict supports RSS subscription, it can automatically download and upgrade contents according to your subscriptions. Now you can subscribe to your favorite programs, then the application will send the fresh information to you. "This is one of the best apps for listening and downloading podcasts. I use it daily," said  Nilay Kambli, a big fan of Podcast.

Plex for Android gives you the best vision enjoyment.


Note: As you have installed many apps on the device, you'd better manage apps ordely with Android Manager.

As for the Plex for Android, it is adapted from iOS. One of its most distinguished traits is the HD-DVD technology, which supplies the best vision enjoyment for you. Besides, videos are affluently played on the Plex for Android. The application support different sources of media data. Plex Home support for managed users and fast user switching FIXES (v4.3.1). Awesome as it is, some users still look forward to improvement of it, such as ability to mark item as watched/unwatched from the thumbnail menu, after opening TV episode from "On Deck" or "Recent", ability to move back to seasons of the episode instead of going back to "On Deck" or "Recent" screen, and so on.

Are there any programs attract you? Choose whichever one you like, download and install it. Enjoy your life of multi-media.