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Android Theme - Dress Up Your Android

By Louis Habersham, 25/05/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

Have you been using a default theme since you purchased your Android phone? How dull! It is high time you should dress up your Android with another Android theme. For your convenient reference, we have selected three wonderful theme application and made a brief introduction of them.

Go Launcher EX: the Most Installed Home Application

Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher EX, the extended version of GO Launcher, is the most popular home app in Android market where exists plentiful like products. Why users choose Go Launcher Ex? The cause is obvious that it is smart, stylish, and slim. Package size has decreased by 70% compared with the old version so it is with less memory usage and runs faster! We use 4M APK to enhance phone performance. And what Go Launcher EX has? As a futuristic application, Go Launcher Ex provides numerous themes, easy operation, simple management (folder and uninstall apps) as well as unlimited settings. Visual setting, featuring practical and useful, embraces front, backgrounds, icons, and indicator. For example, you have access to customize and the fronts by setting the color for app labels, defaulting app name size, scanning the font and select one. If you are intended to apply a theme, you can click and get more details about it. And then tap Apply to get it. The application will bring you a fresh and extraordinary mobile operation experience. If you like Go theme, share it via social network.

Paris Theme: Romantic and Adorable Android Theme for Girls

Paris Theme

It is wildly acknowledged that Paris is extremely romantic. Would you like to conjure this fantastic city to your portable device and bring it some French flavor? Now, it is available to commit to Paris Theme. Themes it offered are cartoon stylistic and cute which is mainly covered by pink. Without going out, you are able to have an immersed sense of walking down the street in Paris, where the Eiffel Tower can be captured into your vision once your launch your Android phone. Paris Theme is not only adorable but also practical. Main customize parts include Home screen, Dock, Drawer screen, Menu screen, etc. You are allowed to customize your Android device via Home screen, Dock, Drawer screen, and Menu screen. With all these traits, Paris Theme is popular among girls now. Don't hesitate. Quickly download and get one for your Android phone.

Beautiful Theme: Install and Get in Contemporary Style

Beautiful Theme

Beautiful Theme, with affluently decorative themes, is built on the idea to beautify your Android with a variety of themes. This application supports both phones and tablets. The application supports various launcher with APEX, NOVA, ADW, ACTION, AVIATE, NEXT, SMART, and HOLO inclusive. The smart theme is fast and organized. Beautiful Theme is deemed as a nice app provides access to easily use themes for better phone interface!

Note: Moreover, for orderly organizing these apps on the cellphone, there is an Android Manager can help you in this way.

Well, which one agrees your choice, the smart one, the romantic one or the contemporary one? Just download it and fresh your Android!