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Broaden Your Horizon by Reading Books with Your Android

By Louis Habersham, 01/04/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

It is never too old to learn. Yes, it is no denying the reality that learning will broaden your horizon and reduce impoverishment of knowledge. Now with some study apps for Android, you can read and learn anywhere, anytime. Moreover, if you are confused that your phone has lots of apps, you are allowed to apply Android Manager to put these apps into order.

Wikipedia: Learn More from the Free Encyclopedia


Boasting a high speed and wide range of knowledge, Wikipedia is deemed as an encyclopedia. You can check whatever you want in it and read in different languages. Besides, you can edit it and share your idea. The application will make a list and record your reading history. It is available to save the page and read it when your device is offline. What's more, you can share contents via social network.

Feedback from Users: "It's really a great experience to use Wikipedia on Android. The offline save feature, night mode are all great. Consumes very less data. Great...."

Amazon Kindle: Purpose-built for Reading

Amazon Kindle

As an exceedingly stunning e-reader, Kindle will indulge your interest in reading. Easy-to-navigate touch interface makes it easier for dictionary lookup, highlighting, and more. All-new processor delivers an improvement in its performance, making it faster and smoother when turning pages. With twice the storage, thousands of books can be carried on. What's more, Kindle now has all the latest reading features customers love, including Kindle Free Time, Goodreads integration, X-Ray, Word Wise, and more.

Feedback from Users: "I have started reading more books after buying my tablet and finding Kindle. The app is really intuitive and reading and finding new books is easy."

NOOK: Turn Your Phone, Tablet and PC into a Book


NOOK Reading App is an e-reader for any phones or tablets. When you download and register today, you can get two eBooks free. Whether you purchase books and magazines, they'll automatically sync to the Library in your NOOK Reading App. You are allowed to adjust text sizes, font styles, and even the brightness for a customized reading experience. The NOOK Reading App automatically syncs your last page. Add it to all your devices and pick up where you left off anytime you like.

Feedback from Users: "Great and mobile way to read your favorite book. To note though, not all e-books are less expense than the paper version. Initially to pay less was one of the main reasons I got the Nook eReader & app."

Ebook Reader: Read Your Favorite Books

Ebook Reader

Ebook Reader lets you read your favorite books. You can find books in the store. More conveniently, you can input the title of the book, and then search. It allows you to edit font, text color, background color, and turn pages at will. Furthermore, it is available to manage your collections such as purchased books, imported books, science fiction, and poems. Your place in the book can be remembered by the program. In addition, the night reading mode will protect and relieve your eyes in dark.

Feedback from Users: "Good for a free app . It's got everything I need. "

WordTalk: A Wonderful English-Korean Dictionary


Aim to boost your English level? WorkTalk helps. WordTalk performs as an English-Korean Dictionary. The application is designed for Koreans to study English. Also, you can use it to learn Korean. Intuitive interface, affluent word library and simple operation highlight the extraordinary features of this program. It will help you smooth the path of language study.

Feedback from Users: "Impossibly useful app for a Korean to learn English."

What do you think of these apps? Would you consider using one of them for your reading? Let us know in the comments!