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Knowing Everything in the World of Android without Going out

By Louis Habersham, 07/05/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

To keep up with the world headlines, web news has become my priority choice although sometimes I enjoy reading newspaper. When I am on the journey, or stay in bed, I prefer reading news with my Android. And you? Now, we can know everything in the world of Android without going out. Read this introduction, you will understand how wonderful the Android news apps are.

Kurir: Know Everything about the World


"Thanks; It helps me keep up to date on basically everything." - Jonny J

Kurir itself is split into various sections including stars, sport, weather, and so on. You can check every-day exchange rate with it. You can not only read news, but also report it. If you are at the spot, you can take photos and posted it on Kurir. With Kurir, you know what happens around the world.

NYTimes: On the Go with the World"s Finest Journalism


"Thanks for fixing. NYTimes is the world's finest journalism." - Nicole Trajano

Install NYTimes, you can read the Times"s award-winning journalism. With improved navigation, reading experience will be enhanced. You can quickly navigate and share. Better yet, customized widgets and library help you tailor your own content experience. If you want to read the same article from another device, you can previously save it and read it later. To protect your eyes, you can read under Night Mode.

Flipboard: Digitize the Print Magazine for You


"Newest update now allows you to share your magazine via messages." - Tipton Bandy

To start with, select your interested topics. Filpboard will push the latest info to you. The app keeps updating the trending news. Just with an Android phone on your hand, you can access the fresh news anytime, anywhere. Click the plus icon, you can collect your favorite articles, images, and videos and add them to your personal magazine.

HTB: Read the Freshest News with Android


"Nice app for world newsShow me any other news app for catching up with the breaking stories across the world!" - John Bressing

With HTB, you can keep informed of the latest info via live NTV, and shows. You can access the new image library and know what happens everyday. Even offline, it is available to add videos and news to the collection. After reading, you can leave a common and share any interesting with your fellows.

News Republic: Customize Your News Experience

News Republic

"Excellent in news. Let me know everything about the world." - Nathan Anderson

Before navigating, select your interested topics. Then you can build your news profile by connecting with Facebook or email. News Republic will save your preferences and get recommendations so that the app offers news curated your interest only and save your time. New Republic choose news from 1,000 trusted sources because perspective matters. TagNav will help you find related news stories. There are millions of full articles with photos and videos so that you can dig deep. It will be easy to navigate thanks to the fast and fluid interface. A smart algorithm fine-tunes your news flow. Smart phones and tablets are supported.

CNN Breaking US & World News: Connect You to the World

CNN Breaking US & World News

"The best News on all the applications. Always up to date all over the country on all the latest news. With the Best Reporters." - Bennie Slaton

With CNN, you can know not only U.S. but the whole world. CNN reports news involved in politics, tech, health, entertainment, living, travel, money and sports news! In addition to text news, you can watch spot headlines via videos, live TV, and shows. If you tend to lauch all these apps on the device and you are anxious about the phone memory, you can move those apps to SD card or organize apps in order.