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The Best Choice to Enjoy Music on Android

By Louis Habersham, 27/01/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

As the Android applications become sophisticated, plentiful users are confused by vast music programs. With so many products, it is sagacious to choose the best one for your listening hobby. I am going to recommend five music applications hovering around the top of the Android music application chart to you.

SoundCloud: Share Your Creative Music


Admire singers who are popular? Want to share your music on a public platform? Now, you can be others' idol and obtain your fans with SoundCloud. You can record your music, post them on the social network such as Twitter and Facebook and share with your friends. With SoundCloud, you can not only consume music but also create it. The size of the program is only 7.34 MB, occupying little of the memory. It is compatible with Android 2.2 and the newer.

Vevo: Focus on Creating Music Feast for Your Eyes


Enjoy the music with not only your ears but your eyes as well! Vevo is developed to bring a music feast for your eyes. With Vevo, you can watch HD music videos such as a live show, a concert and an exciting dancing performance. Vevo will work over cellular (3G or LTE) network connections, but for the highest quality music video experience, we suggest accessing via Wi-Fi whenever possible. Now, a vision feast becomes more than just a dream. Vevo brings it to fruition.

iHeartRadio: Arouse Your Music with Live Radio Stations


To hear the best streaming music and radio stations, iHeartRadio is a wise option for you. The application collects all kinds of music. You can select your interested music programs such as Top 40 & Pop, Country, Hip Hop & RMB, and etc. Then iHeartRadio will get stations for you. Music and talk shows from top radio stations across the country like 106.7 Lite FM, Z100, KIIS FM, KTU 103.5, 104.3 myFM in Los Angeles, and Wild 94.9, which covers the Bay Area from San Francisco to San Jose.

Shazam: Identify Music around You


Shazam is an highly innovative and helpful music application that helps finding a song. Sometimes you may be fond of a song that you have listened from the radio or television. But you have no idea about the title of it. Now you can turn to a powerful music recognized software Shamzam for assistance. Once your iPhone sent a record of the sample to the server of Shazam Inc, soon related information of the song will be sent back as a feedback with the title, singer, album and etc. included.

Google Music Play: Offer the Best Music Service for You

Google Play Music

The function of subscription and recommendation of Google Play Music has been strengthened. Subscription service give you access to millions of songs with a flat monthly fee of $ 9.9. Recommendations for you are pushed by our experts. Google Play Music prepares 22 mainstream music genres, which satisfy your tastes. Now this app also supports ape format.

Moreover, for well organizing these apps on the cellphone, there is an Android Manager can help you. From the above introduction, you may make up your mind to download and try. Don' t hesitate to choose one satisfies you the most. If you need more information, just leave your message.