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Four Commonly Used Android Mail Tools Recommended

By Louis Habersham, 18/06/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

Currently, email is more than email. It is a platform for you to communicate and entertain in daily life. Each mail tool has its own characteristic. We have collected some related information and listed it for you reference. Four commonly used Android mail tools are recommended as below.

Gmail--More Intuitive, Efficient, and Useful Mailbox


"Great email app Best email app I have used. Works great with multiple email accounts." - Review from Brian Arett

Few can argue that Gmail is an intuitive, efficient, and useful mailbox. Gmail has a 15 GB space to store emails. The mailbox is commercially adless. Only advertisements related to user's E-mail and AdWords service are inserted. You can add contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and POP account. Besides, emails from other mailboxes can be received by Gmail. Besides emails, you can hangout a chat. And your chat history can be saved in Chat Folder. What' more, Gmail respects user's privacy so that there are no information leaks admitted.

Yahoo Mail--Worldwide Used Mail


"Mostly good. Few issues, but quite usable. Its an OK app for checking my Yahoo mail and that's all I use it for, is checking Yahoo mail. I wish there were a way to sort mail by date, subject, or sender. I also wish there were a way to set how often it checks for new mail." - Review from Scott Moyer

Serving for 243 million people around the world, Yahoo Mail is publicly deemed as the most widely used mail tool. As a worldwide used mailbox, Yahoo Mail has marched in 192 countries and supports 21 languages. Huge attachments such as music, photos can be sent via Yahoo Mail. Virus and trash programs are blocked. With Yahoo Mail, you can enjoy e-commerce, entertainments and all Yahoo products.

Mail.Ru--Communication and Entertainment Tool


"Amazingly good. For those who cannot successfully configure their company's SMTP server, this is a blessing." - Review from Worgu Franklin

Mail.Ru Group offers a variety of online communication products and entertainment services for Russian speakers all over the world. Communication products of Mail.Ru contains Social networks--Odnoklassniki, My World, Instant messaging--Agent, ICQ, and Search & e-commerce--Search, Headhunter, Price comparison. In addition, MMO games, Social games, and Mobile games are involved in online games.

Outlook.com--Personal and Productive E-mail


"Good, getting better with every new release. Great app. Getting better with every new release. Would like option to disable the all accounts view." - Review from Andrew Osborn

Outlook.com is a free email service built to keep you connected across your devices with powerful organizational tools and a suite of Microsoft apps and services. The newest version of outlook 2013 is featured by Attachment reminder, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), Add-in resiliency, Cached Exchange mode improvements, IMAP improvements, Outlook data file (.ost) compression, People hub, Startup performance improvements and Weather bar. Yahoo offers fast and convenient service. Only with a shortcut button, you can browse your letter, saved your emails, and so on. Exposed to information explosion, things may get jumble. Move your fingertips and attain one strongly functional mail tools, you will soon reach a well-managed life.

Such apps are installed on your phone so that your phone memory would get smaller, so you can try to move some of those apps to the SD card or uninstall some software that are not used usually.