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Give a Hoot about Your Health by Android

By Louis Habersham, 17/04/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

Sitting in the office everyday, increasingly fat, and cannot keep on exercising? Come on! It is high time you should give a hoot about your health. If you are interested, find a tool below that assists you in your Android.

Calorie Counter: Your Fitness Pal

Calorie Counter

Admire those who are slim and hot? Set your mind to lose weight and keep fit with the help of Calorie Counter. Just input your target weight, current weight, amount of movements, nutrition target, and so on. The program will analyze and calculate how much calorie you can intake everyday. Besides, you can add what you have eaten in Dairy and view detailed nutrition information in order to plan a reasonable diet.

What's New

Bug fixed;Faster and more reliable.

Pedometer: Enjoy Strolling with a Step Recorder


Pedometer is a good application recording every step of you. You can simply start or stop by tapping the button. Then your steps, walking speed, walking time, consumed calorie, everything will be recorded. You can touch the curve chart and view all the dairy, weekly, and monthly information of them. Slide to the left, you can see the previous data. For more accurate calculation, you need to input your age, gender, weight, and etc.

What's New

Better secures your health information.

Abs Workout: Burn Belly Fat and Develop Perfect Abs

Abs Workout

Abs workout is a perfect app which is developed by famous bodybuilder Joe Weider to help you get flat, muscular abs. There are two ways to do the workout--repeat each exercise x-times and each of 6 exercises performed once one by one count as one cycle. And 1 series means doing all 6 exercises where each has a defined number of cycles (repetitions). Weight and waist can be record and analyzed on Statistics. Just keep on, it is not just a dream to shape perfect abs.

What's New

8.6.x (+fixes);Added option to change countdown volume level (PRO only);Small fixes.

7 Minute Workout: Aid Wight Loss and Improve Cardiovascular Function

7 Minute Workout

When you run the program, there is a Classic workout plan for you to choose. To have more options, just press More and you can select Abs or Butt. After that, click Start to begin. There are various sport types, including Jumping Jack, Wall Sit, Push Up, Abdominal Crunch, Step-up Onto Chair, Squat, Triceps Dip On Chair,Plank, High Kness/Running, Lunges, and so on. When you finish a circuit, you can exercise calender, try another one, or share with friends.

What's New

Support save data to Google fit;You can get important phone call even at the exercises.

Water Your Body: Fresh Your Life

Water Your Body

Water is recognized as the source of all lives that embraces and nurses human beings. However, many do not attach importance to water. Water Your Body will be an alarm reminding you to drink enough water every day. You can input your weight and then the app will calculate and give you a suggested amount. What's more, the quota can be adjusted according to various conditions such as hot day and sports. And you can set your cup capacity. After drinking a cup of water, tap the plus icon. Your drinking log will be recorded and analyzed in a chart with date and finish percentage, which intuitively shows you the accomplishment. It is available to set reminders so that you will be reminded when forgetting to drink.

What's New

Graph and logs of date record.

Period Calender: A Female Health Diary

Period Calendar

Females should know themselves better and live healthy lives. Period Calender is designed as female health diary. With Period Calender, you can set period prediction (Use average or default, Ignore irregular cycle or not), ovulation and fertile day (Use average or default, Remind me 1 day before fertility/ovulation day or not) , Pregnancy (I'm pregnant or not) and discuss with people in forum I'm Pregnant. Besides, it allows you to customize Period & Ovulation reminders and Pill reminders. The Log will record your period including average cycle and duration. With the Chart, your weight, fertile and ovulation condition will be analyzed and displayed. You can add notes such as period, flow, medicine, symptoms, moods, and so on on the Calender.

What's New

To read, reply and post messages about Health, Family, Teenager, and woman life, etc.;To communicate and exchange ideas with each other about any topics.

iTriage Health: Live with Health at hand, Every day


iTriage puts you at the center of your healthcare so you can make confident decisions. You can get medical answers, find care options, and securely maintain your health. You can check your symptoms via Avatar and the Symptoms List. Key your location and choose a specialty, facilities. You can choose common conditions, medications, procedures. After that, you can get detailed overviews of them. The app can also track your health into with My iTriage. You can safely store information on doctors, medications, insurance, conditions and procedures. Besides, you can read latest health news.

What's New

Allow faster and easier check-in with select hospitals and facilities.

Health is hard. But you can make it easier with these apps. Download one from the list and enhance your health now.