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Painting and Drawing on Android Phones

By Louis Habersham, 27/07/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

People today love to paint and drawing cartoon or other stuff at their spare time. A sketcher app for Android will be a good choice, which means you don't need to carry lots of brushes and the heavy sketchpad with you. What you need is just to carry your Android which has a drawing and painting app with you. Below are several apps I would like to recommend to you.

ArtFlow by ArtFlow Studio

ArtFlow is an excellent Android app which allows you to paint and draw on your Android. 70 paint brushes, smudge and eraser tool are provided to make it intuitive and easy to paint. If you have a Samsung S Pen, your device will be changed into the real canvas. Two versions are provided, the pro license and unlicensed version. In pro license, color adjustments, unlimited undo and redo, hi-res canvas, pressure simulation, brush flow, geometrical shapes, and more, are supported. More than 7 to 16 layers are 11 different blending modes and global opacity and you can export to PSD, PNG or JPEG files as you wish. However, for the unlicensed version, there are more limitations. You have only 20 basic tools available and 2 layers are the maximum. What's more, the undo and redo is no more than 6 steps and lastly, PSD is not allowed as an output format.


Sketch Master by BariLab

Sketch Master is a nice Android drawing and painting app that help Android express their feelings and the idea occurred in their mind. A 3000% zoom is supported. Other outstanding features like unlimited layers, HSB color space, color swatches, color picker, and more are supported. You are also allowed to import images from Gallery or Camera as you wish.

Pretty good! This app is pretty good. It has a simple design but to me it doesn't feel very smooth. Sketchbook Express feels better. This is just my opinion. I prefer Sketchbook Express. it doesn't mean I think this app is bad. Its just my preference. ---Lorraine Casas

Sketch Master

Infinite Painter by Sean Brakefield

Infinite Painter provides you more than 80 natural brush presets and you can create new brushes and change brush settings easily. Besides, you are allowed to move your favorite tools to the top bar for quicker access. Other functions allows you to adjust color, liquefy pattern or add filters. You can import PSD layers and photos from Gallery, Camera or search the web and after all things done, you can export the images as JPEG, PNG, PSD format.

Superb! This should be the first choice for painting/drawing apps. It has a better layout than most competitors, more tools, more customisable features. At the moment the only significant feature that is missing is a type tool. Other than that, it is an excellent choice for artists. – A Google Play users

Infinite Painter

Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk, Inc.

Sketchbook Pro provides you with an unforgettable painting experience for your Android. It provides you with up to 3 layers and 16 blending modes. More than 100 pencils, pens, brushes, markers and others are supported. Advanced selection tools, marquee, lasso, magic wand are provided to help you for the selection easier. The area that you just chose can be easily filled with the gradients fills tools, linear and radial. Lastly, you can zoom 2500% to control the detail on your Android. There's no need to worry about the language staff any more, you don't need to worry about the English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and more, you name it.

Sketchbook Pro

Sketcher FREE

Like other Android painting and drawing Android phone, you are provided 12 brushes, eraser, color picker, adjustable canvas size, color background, and so on. You can also undo and redo Android users. You can zoom in your drawing to have a nearer look at the detail. After that, you are also allowed to export it as JEPG and PNG and share it by e-mail and MMS.

Amazing and intuitive I can sketch with ease any simple idea and the smart brush enhances my lines to create a unique and complex pattern that gives depth to the drawing. It will be strongly recommended if you like concept art drawing. – A Google Play User

Sketcher FREE

All the above are 5 different apps I can't wait to recommend to you, after downloading and trying the app on your Android, you will find that drawing with your Android is not as difficult as you think would be. When installing them on the cellphone, you are allowed to manage these apps well to save your phone memory.