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Let's Take a Risk with Android Adventure Games

By Louis Habersham, 10/07/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

Adventure games are needed if you are tired of the repeated life every day. Today, we will show you several Android Adventure games so as to bring you happiness to your life. 7 outstanding adventure games reviews for Android phone/tablet are shown here.


Q: What kind of game Walk-A-Funghi is?

A: Walk-A-Funghi is an adventure game which is the story about funghi, who live in a forest, pick up ingredients to make food in a peaceful life. But they get tired of eating the same food so they start finding new recipe. As a result, they start their adventure for food.

Q: What devices does this game supports?

A: Walk-A-Funghi supports Android 2.3 and above. Not only Android phone but also Android tablet users can find a compatible copy. It updates frequently to fix the bug and optimized the using experience.

Walk A Funghi


Q: What is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?

A: It creates you an access to become a fashionable star or model. You can choose any dressing style you want while socializing with other popular stars. You can also experience exactly what it would like to become a star and encounter other celebs, fans and paparazzi. Sounds great, isn't it? Why not dress up in your own way and become the actors, actress, singer and fashionable models.

Kim Kardashian


Q: What's the Outstanding Features of Poptropica?

A: There are many outstanding features, now I will name a few.

  • Multi-Player arcade
  • Customize the characters as you wish which is up to 6 poptropicans.
  • It has got a vivid graphic that brings its users a realistic game.

Just download poptropica and collect the gold shards to win the prize. You can check the map to explore more islands. It's ready for your Android phone/tablet.


Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is an excellent adventure game for Android users. You can help save the city a hilarious new adventure from writers of Family Guy. By playing this game, you can unlock more characters or outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire or Rambo Lois. Your goal is to keep Quahog safe from pirates, evil chickens and other invasion.

Q: What languages do this game support?

A: It's now supports game in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese!

Family Guy the Quest for Stuff

The Walking Dead: Season Two

Have you seen the TV Show – The Walking Dead? Here's an similar adventure games for Android which has the same name with the TV show. The Walking Dead: Season Two is about a story of a little girl who becomes an orphan because of the undead apocalypse. She has to learn how to survive in such a bad atmosphere. Let's help the girl fights with the walking dead and survive.

The Walking Dead

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure

To make a long story short, I will list several features of Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure which you might be interested in:1. Over 200 levels are provided for you in all world sectors.2. Different classes (Warrior or Shooter) are provided.3. Collect companions who was trapped in the abandoned cities, train them for battle and defeat the boss monsters.4. You are allowed to replay old missions for more partners or push forward with critical missions and save the world.

Help Me Jack Atomic Adventure

Tiny Miner

Are you ready for this amazing addictive adventure app which is hard to put down once you start? Take your tool with you and start your game as a tiny miner. Explore mine craft as you search for the fame and fortune.This Tiny Miner has HD graphics, lovely music and theme to make Android users more immersed by the vivid game theme. It's updated frequently so as to fix some bugs while playing so as to give you a more perfect experience. Last but not least, it's free for you to download and play.

Tiny Miner

That's it. Please feel free to leave comments below to share with us which adventure games you love the most. Or if you want other type of Android app review that we didn't list, please contact us and let us know your opinion. Your feedback will be always welcomed and will be taken seriously. Thanks for your time.