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What Sets WeatherBug Apart From Other Weather Apps?

By Louis Habersham, 22/11/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

There are many top weather apps out there, and they are all pretty simple-to-use. However, not all weather apps are the same. WeatherBug offers a variety of features and widgets that will help you stay ahead of the weather. Well known as a best weather app for Android users, WeatherBug has gained popularity as one of the best weather apps for iPhone as well. WeatherBug has unique features, which separate them from their competitors. Here are a few reason WeatherBug is a favorite.

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A highly advanced lightening detector, Spark can help you stay out of danger during a thunderstorm, as well as to warn loved ones of severe weather. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who conducted a 10-year study from 2004-2013, lightening kills on average 33 people per year, and injures another 234. While these numbers are comparatively low, the idea of getting struck by lightning is enough to make people think twice before going out doors. Some activities may heighten your risk of getting struck by lighting. Whether you are outside playing sports (such as golf) or taking a walk with your umbrella, it is always useful to know if you could be in possible danger. Spark allows you to be aware of any potential lightening threats in your city, all around the country, and even in remote locations.


Breaking News:

Switching from app to app is not only inconvenient but it wastes time. With WeatherBug, you have almost everything you need in one app. The Breaking News feature allows users to check the most current breaking news stories right there on the weather app. This not only includes weather, but everything that is going on in the world today. An added bonus is that WeatherBug has live weather and traffic cameras. If you are headed to the beach and want to take a look at the weather for yourself, just hope onto the live camera. This gives you the most live and accurate updates you can find.

WeatherBug Home:

This feature is a favorite and helps distinguish WeatherBug apart among the top weather apps. WeatherBug home gives you an estimate of the amount of energy that it will take to keep your home comfortable in current weather by estimating the energy usage of an HVAC system in an average home. The WeatherBug app also allows you to see how much you can save by adjusting your thermostat, making the app both green and economical. Just think, a free app with actually end up saving you money in the long run. We could all afford to keep a little extra money in our pockets.

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It's Absolutely Free:

Everyone loves free apps, and while WeatherBug isn't the only free weather app in existence, it does come with a multitude of features and widgets that are all free. Some of the more fun features include weather forecasts for your favorite game day. Other features include gardening forecasts, as well as alerting you of what fruits and vegetables are currently in season. WeatherBug also features weather optimization—an app that can help you reduce your energy usage during current weather conditions.

There are so many weather apps out there, and WeatherBug has definitely earned its place amongst the best of them with its innovative technology and eco-centered approach. Its unique features save its users time and money, which in today's world is essentially priceless.