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How to Retrieve Deleted Videos on Samsung Galaxy S6/5/4/3

By Avery Pacheco, 03/11/2015, updated on 14/01/2022

I enjoy watching TV shows on my Samsung Galaxy S6 when I am on the bus or on the subway to a little far place. But I accidentally deleted ten episode that I have not watched, and I want to get them back, how comes?

Commonly, this case happens frequently in the daily life. As we can see, lots of people would make full of the spare time on the bus or metro to relax themselves via listening to music, watching videos, etc. As the questioner said, mistakenly deleting some movies, or TV shows is also usual and it is possible to recover these missing contents.

Once you hope for restoring the deleted videos from Galaxy S, an assistant must be needed. In this aspect, Samsung Data Recovery are supposed to be considered firstly. MP4, MOV, WAV and more video formats are supported to retrieved with the help of this program.

Have a try to recover lost data after installing the following tool.

Let Deleted Videos Come Back to Galaxy S6/5/4/3

Step 1. Get Galaxy S6 connected to PC. After clicking to download and install this program on the computer, plug the Samsung phone into PC by data cable.

Connect Phone to PC

Note: When you connect phone to PC, it is in need to allow USB debugging on the devices based on the different Android versions. In addition, if your device has been inserted a SD card, to recover from external card alone is also OK.

Step 2. Put Device into Being Scanned. As the software identifies your Galaxy S, the screen will jump to the scanning state which will ask you to select certain data type, e.g.: Videos, to scan out after pressing "Next".

Choose Videos to Scan

Step 3. Go into Analyzing Process. Your Galaxy is ready to be scanned but one more step is required to operate. Go to your phone and tap "Allow" to pass the request from the app. Then, the interface will turns into analyzing.

Pass SuperSU Request

Step 4. Preview the Items. These data that are deleted or saved on the device are presented with distinguished colors of the name of the files. If you have chosen to scan all contents before, tick the box of "Videos" on the left to check the results.

Recover Videos

Step 5. Recover the Video Files. If you have confirmed the previewed items, move the mouse to click "Recover" button to restore the lost MP4, MOV, WAV back to computer. Click to choose a path for keeping the contents and you are allowed to open it to check the retrieved video items.

Check Videos Results

At present, just with double clicks to play the videos, you can enjoy the TV shows, movies, music videos, etc. on PC. Once you'd like to switch videos from PC to Galaxy S7/S6/S5, Android Manager can offer help in transferring as well as doing a backup for your Galaxy.