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How to Retrieve Deleted Notes on iPhone

By Louis Habersham, 30/01/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

"How can I recover deleted notes from my iPhone 7 Plus? They were showing as duplicates so I deleted one of them then both the original and the duplicate were deleted before a backup was made and before note files were synced to iCloud. Are there any ways to recover the deleted memo without using a backup?" Leading you to have no idea of some important task and plan, the accidental note data lost is really annoying and worrying.

When encountering this problem, you are advised to retrieve your memorandums via iPhone Data Recovery. This reliable program allows you to restore your memorandums with detailed content of the note, date, and title included.

Note: There are three ways for you to get back your data. Read the tutorial and come to understand the easy steps, which are helpful.

Solution 1. Directly Recover Notes from iPhone.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to PC

At first, please connect your iOS device such as iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6 Plus/6s to computer via a USB cable.

Connect iPhone

Step 2. Scan Files in Your iPhone

When device is successfully connected, window as below shows to remind you to click the Start Scan Button to detect memos.

Start Scan

Step 3. Regain Memo Data

After scanning, detailed minute information can be previewed. Then choose data you want to regain and click Recover.

Prew Notes

Note: Once minute data lost happens, stop using your iPhone. Or you will fail to directly recover your deleted notes from iPhone since data is overwritten.

Solution 2. Resume Memorandum Book from iTunes Backup Files

Step 1. Scan iTunes Backup Memorandum Data

In this step, you need to conduct the scanning by clicking the Start Scan button.

Scan Backup

Step 2. Retrieve Notebook

When the scanning procedure is finished, select notes and restore them back to your iPhones, such as iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6 Plus/6s.

Prew Notes

Solution 3. Retrieve Note Data from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Log in Your iCloud Account

This step is simple. Input your iCloud ID and the right passwords. Then enter iCloud.

Log in iCloud

Step 2. Download Memos Online

Download memos from iCloud. Keep your internet connected before finishing this process.

Download Backup

Step 3. Tick and Get Back Commonplace Book for Recovery

Choose memo data among the backup files and click the Recover button.

Recover from iCloud

Warm Tips: Be used to back up your notes as well as other files. With a backup, you can restore your files via Recover from iTune Backup Files Mode and Recover from iCloud Backup Files Mode with ease.

That's all the operation with iOS 10/9/8. Simple steps but efficiency, isn't it? We will be glad if you get rid of the problem with the help of iPhone Data Recovery. Just leave your messages if you have any questions and comments after the trial.