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How to Restore Lost Contacts from iPhone

By Louis Habersham, 02/02/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

Several days ago, my iPhone 7 Plus was played by my kids. They had deleted all my contacts because they don't know how to operate. The deleted files embrace the phone numbers and email addresses of my friends, and business partners. I endeavored to recover the lost data but in vain. Well, there is always a way out. I occasionally knew iPhone Data Recovery and opportunely finished the recovery. Now I am going to share my experience with all of you.

To retrieve your lost contacts, you can turn to some advanced iOS applications. iPhone Data Recovery is taken as an example. As the software allows you to recover the contacts' names, phone numbers, E-mails, address, and so forth, I deem it a good option.

Note: iPhone Recovery offers 3 modes to recover the contacts. They will be further introduced in succession.

Mode 1. Directly Recover Lost Phone Numbers from iPhone

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone to PC

First of all, please connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6 Plus to PC via USB cable.

Connect iPhone

Step 2. Scan Contact Information in Your iPhone

iPhone connected, please click the Start Scan button to scan and recover deleted phone numbers and other related data.

Start Scan

Note: During the scanning, please keep your iPhone linking to the computer.

Step 3. Preview and Regain Data

After the scanning, detailed information such as names of your contacts, phone numbers and E-mails can be previewed. You can selectively tick and click Recover to regain.

Restore Contacts

Note: You are advised to stop using your iPhone once contacts you phone number, and etc. are erased. Or data will be overwritten. And mode 1 is invalid.

Mode 2. Resume Phone Numbers, E-mails, and Addresses from iTunes Backup Files

Step 1. Scan Your iTunes Backup Files

This step is similar to mode 1. Just click Star Scan to detect data in your iTunes Backup Files.

Scan Files

Step 2. Preview and Restore Data

Now, information with contacts' names, companies, phone numbers, and E-mails is exhaustively showed. You can preview and restore them.

Recover Contacts

Mode 3. Retrieve Lost E-mail Address and Phone Number from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Sign in iCloud Account

Input your Apple ID and passwords. Enter iCloud.

Enter iCloud

Step 2. Download Files for Recovery

Download iCloud backup files. Please keep your computer online and wait patiently. The blue bar will show you the process.

Down FilesDown Files

Step 3. Get Your Information Back

Last, select and recover your target contact items from iDevice with iOS 9/iOS 8.

Recover from iCloud

Warm Tips: I cannot emphasize the importance of a backup too much. If you lost your iPhone or data is cleared by a reset, only a backup will help you.

Now, have you get rid of the predicament with the guide of the tutorial? Or are there any problems during the process? Leave your messages and we will feed back as soon as possible. It is our pleasure to help you.