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Guide to Retrieve Contacts from Samsung S6 with Damaged Screen

By Avery Pacheco, 11/04/2017, updated on 14/01/2022

A person is able to recite several phone numbers for a long period of time. However, when it comes to tens of contacts, let alone hundreds of them, most people would fail certainly. That's why 'Contacts' app is of vital importance for us. However, when you cannot access the apps due to a broken screen, disaster comes. If you'd like to secure importance contacts from your unresponsive Samsung device, here are three methods you should give it a go. Please take your time and get the ideas.

How to Backup Samsung Contacts to PC

Android Unresponsive? Broken? Black? Try to Restore Data Here

Resort 1: Restore Contacts from Broken Samsung Directly

Android Data Extraction provides a hassle-free and user-friendly way to retrieve existing data from an unresponsive device. Currently it works for Samsung Note3/Note 4/Note 5; Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6; Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1; Please make sure your device is supported and go down to the instructions below.

Step 1. Get Ready with Android Data Extraction

Please give it a shot on the free trial of the software. After you launch Android Data Extraction, please choose "Start" option on the screen, which is for data extraction on unresponsive devices.

Download the Tool

Now, you should manually select your "Device Name" and "Device Model" on the screen based on your device info. If there is no your device model, please help us to improve via submitting your device info. Then, check out the disclaimer and click "Confirm" to proceed.

Select Device Info

Step 2. Start Fixing Your Samsung

To fix your device, your device should enter Download Mode (Odin Mode) at first. Please follow the onscreen instructions or the steps below to put your device into Download Mode. 1. Power off the phone.2. Press and hold the "Volume Down", "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time.3. Press the "Volume Up" to enter Download mode.

Enter Download Mode

After that, please click "Start" to begin the process. The process status will tell you how it's going on. When it's done, Android Data Extraction will automatically start scanning for your data currently stored on device.

Enter Download Mode

Step 3. Restore Contacts from Samsung

You can check out items on the left panel like Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, WhatsApp, Photos, Videos and so on. Please select "Contacts" and preview your contacts in advance. After that, please click "Recover" to secure your contacts to computer with ease.

Restore Contacts

Resort 2: Export Contacts from External Memory to Computer

By default, it's prior to save contacts in internal memory instead of external memory. However, if you've ever transferred to your contacts to SD card on your Samsung. Then. You can try this way to get your contacts back.

Step 1. Connect SD Card to Computer

Mobile Transfer is the expert in terms of data transfer. Now that your screen is damaged, please insert your SD card to a card reader. Then, plug the reader in computer to connect with the software. Now, choose "Back Up Your Phone" option.

Connect SD Card

Step 2. Select Contacts and Export to Computer

In the middle, you're allowed to choose some types of data and then move them to your computer. Please highlight "Contacts" and click "Start Copy". Then, select a folder on your computer to save your contacts.

Export Contacts

Resort 3: Recover Contacts from Damaged Samsung with Gmail

Also, if you have logged in your Google account and ever synced data to your account. You can actually sync your contacts back to Samsung after your repair the screen display or switch to a new Samsung device. Please follow the steps as below.

Step 1. On your Samsung, launch "Settings"

Step 2. Scroll down and select "Accounts".

Step 3. Tap "Add account" to add your Google account if not yet logged in.

Step 4. Choose your account and tap "Sync Contacts".

Recover Contacts Gmail

Extra:Import Contacts from PC to Samsung with Methods

If your contacts is successfully saved to the computer, you can later transfer contacts from computer back to your Samsung or other Android phones. Here I'd like to introduce you two methods.

Method 1. Use Android Manager.

It's easy to get it done. Simply connect your Samsung to the computer with USB cable and then launch Android Manager. Next, enable USB debugging one your device. Then, select "Contacts" and click "Import" > "from vCard file". Select the file and it's done.

Android Manager

Method 2: Use Email.

Log in Google Contacts with your Google account. Next, choose "Import" option on the left panel. Then, click "Import Contacts" and choose the vCard file. After that, on your Samsung, go to "Settings" > "Accounts" and tap your account and choose "Sync Contacts".

Google Account

After you got your contacts back, please do take good care of your device. I don't think you'd like to suffer from such a nuisance any more.