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Password Removal on Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Alpha/J

By Avery Pacheco, 29/04/2016, updated on 15/06/2022

"I just put a security password on my Samsung Galaxy S7 but I decided I no longer want to have a security password on my cell. I can't find the feature to remove it. Can you help me, please."

When you are intended to conduct password removal on Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Alpha/J, you can factory reset your Android phone. However, this can lead to data loss if you do not create a backup of your Android phone. And it is of risk perform the factory reset. In this guide, we will recommend a safe way of password removal on Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Alpha/J.

Our recommendation is Android Data Recovery program. This is a piece of trustable software that allows you to disable password on Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Alpha/J, no matter how complicated the password is. It can remove the lock without damage your device. Just download the program and see how it works.

Password Removal on Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Alpha/J

Step 1. Open Android Data Recovery Program

Run Android Data Recovery program on your computer. Select "More Tools" at the left pane and then "Android Lock Screen Removal".

More Tool Homepage

Step 2. Start Removing Android Screen Lock

Click the "Start" button. Android Data Recovery will begin to the screen lock removal process.

Remove Locked Screen Start

Step 3. Connect Samsung Galaxy to PC

Now plug your Samsung Galaxy 7 to the computer with a USB cable. Make sure that you have selected USB debugging and MTP mode on your device before.

Connect Android to PC

Step 4. Confirm Device Name and Model

Since there is an agreement on the interface so you should confirm to checking it. And it may ask you to select your phone model. After that, Android Data Recovery is downloading recovery package. Please wait with patience.

Remove Downloading Package

Now screen lock removal is completed. You can eject your device and confirm if your device still have a password for the screen lock.

Remove Password Completed

Solved! If your friends are encountering the same problem, it will be appreciated to recommend Android Data Recovery to them to disable the screen lock feature.