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How to Recover Contacts from iCloud

By Louis Habersham, 15/02/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

"Can anyone advise please? What can I do to recover my contacts from iCloud?" Yesterday morning, when Jim piled into the crowd in a bus, he unfortunately lost his iPhone which was previously in his pocket. He was worried about the contacts, which are far outweigh the device. He had sync and backed up the contacts, and etc. to iCloud. "Am I able to retrieve my contact list from my PC without an iPhone? Thanks in advance for your help."

To help Jim with the trouble, we advised him to recover his contacts from iCloud with iPhone Data Recovery. It is a software to retrieve the names of the contacts, lost phone numbers as well as the E-mail addresses. Now, we just introduce one of the methods of it--recover contacts from iCloud backup files. Here is an instance of how to recover iPhone 6s contacts.

All You Need:

  • iPhone 6s
  • PC
  • iPhone Data Recovery
  • Apple ID
  • iCloud Backup Files

How to Recover Contacts from iCloud

Step 1. Log into iCloud

Download iPhone Data Recovery from our official website. We offer a Download button for your convenience. Just set your mind at rest to download it. The link is 100 percent clean and secured. Install the program by following the tips. Then launch the program with dual clicks. Choose Recover from iCloud Backup Files. You will see the interface as the picture shows. Then key your Apple ID and password. Click the arrow. After the verification, the program will enter your iCloud account.

Log in iCloud

Warm Tips: Remember your Apple ID and password so that you can sync and back up your contacts anytime, anywhere.

Step 2. Download and Start Scan iCloud Backup

Now, you can download your previously saved backups in iCloud. During this process, keep your computer online. With the backup totally downloaded, you can enable the scanning by clicking the Start Scan button. Both download and scan cost time, please await the results for a while.

Download Backup Files

Step 3. Recover iCloud Backup Files

When the detection of your backup files is done, you can preview them on the window. Then you can choose your needed contacts and tap Recover to get them back to iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and so on.

Recover Contacts

Warm Tips: A backup is a reliable way to get deleted contacts back. It is you wise action to back up your phone numbers, E-mail addresses, and etc.

Does it work? Besides iCloud, there are 2 other methods to get your contacts back. You are allowed to directly recover your contacts from your iPhone and iTunes backup files. Tips can be looked for on our blog. All questions can be posted below. We will feed you back as soon as possible.