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How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac

By Avery Pacheco, 27/10/2014, updated on 21/01/2022

There's something wrong with your Android and you have to send it for repair. But before that, you find that you haven't backed up all the documents of your smartphone, and you want to copy them to your Mac. However, you don't know if data from Android can be transferred to Mac. Here I would like to tell you that the answer is yes because we have this powerful tool-Android Manager.

Android Manager is well designed for Android users who want to back up files including SMS, contacts, videos, photos and call history to their Mac computer. What's important is that it won't take too long for users to finish this process. Couldn't wait? Just click "Download" below and start your backup journey.

The Way to Send Content from Android to Mac Computer

Step 1. Install and Launch

First, download and install Android. Then, run the program so that you will see the interface below.

Transfer Files from Android to Mac

Step 2. Back up Content from Android

Next, click the green "Backup" button, and the window below will show up. Browse and choose the path to save, and then tick all the files you want. Finally, click "Backup" to upload data to Mac.

Backup Android Files to Mac

Note: If you want to retrieve files from computer to your Android, you can click "Restore" in the home window of this program. At this time, you can see all the documents you have saved on the Mac are categorized in the left column so that you can look through them one by one and select the information you want to send back to your smartphone.

Android Content to Mac Transfer

It is so convenient and it does not cost you much time, right? What you need to do is just to move your fingers a little bit and then your files can be easily saved on the computer. Android Manager is really helpful and it has been well popularized. I wish you are contented with our product.