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How to Remove Preinstalled App on Android Phone

By Avery Pacheco, 29/10/2014, updated on 21/01/2022

Usually, there are some applications preinstalled in the phone we newly buy. However, what annoys us is that we cannot remove the software, which we rarely or never use. What's worse, these Apps take over storage and consume battery. But now you have no need to worry about this because here we offer you the software Android Manager , which enables you to delete preinstalled applications in your Android phone efficiently.

Compared with other ways to clear your applications, Android Manager serves you in a more simple and efficient way. And the best point of Android Manager is its capacity to delete those preinstalled software from you Android device. Isn't it amazing? With a few steps, you can remove all these annoying applications, costless and convenient.

How to Delete Preinstalled Apps in Android

Step 1. Connect to PC

Install Android Manager and run it. This is the first step you need to take. Then connect your phone to PC. You can use a data cable, or you can try Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code. But data-cable connection is recommended.

Uninstall Preinstalled Apps

Step 2. Remove Preinstalled Apps

It takes two or three seconds to finish the connection. After that, choose the item "Apps" in the left menu, select what applications you'd like to get rid of and click "Uninstall", as shown below. When it asks you to make sure of the deletion, just click "Yes".

Note: Android device is required rooted if you want to clear preinstalled applications. See how to root your Android device.

Delete Preinstalled Apps

Install Android Manager right now, and then you don't have to suffer those preinstalled Apps. They won't take up memory, or consume your battery anymore. Try and see what miracles it can bring to you.