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Tips to Manage Android Music Files

By Avery Pacheco, 13/03/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

In the music library of your Android phone, there can be no less than 1000 songs, which come from different sources in succession. Some of them are downloaded online while others are transferred from other Android handsets via USB cable, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. Whatever! The thing is that, with tons of music in the library, it is a mess. What you need to do is regularly manage Android music files, for example, fix music tags, fix covers, delete duplicate songs, and more.

To manage your music library, it is a good idea to turn to TunesGo, a music management program.This software can help you clean up and organize all music items in your Android handset. In addition to fixing tags, cleaning music tracks, etc., you can also backup stuffs in the library. Download the program and have a try.

Part 1. Backup Music from Samsung

Step 1. Connect Android Phone to PC

Run TunesGo on your Android phone. Then plug your Android handset to the computer with a USB cable and enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC

Step 2. Backup Music to PC

When your phone is detected, hit "Music" and the songs will be displayed at the screen. Select the songs you need and choose "Export" > "Export to PC".

Backup Music to PC

Part 2. Fix Music ID3 Tags

Step 1. Transfer Android Music to iTunes Library

Run TunesGo on your computer. Connect your Android phone to the computer. Then enable USB debugging on your device. When your phone is connected, on the upper panel, select "Music".

Android Music List

Step 2.Fix Music Tags

Choose the song that you find information missing. Then click the "Edit" button in the end. You can then edit the Name, Artist, Album, Genre, Year and Track of the song on the right. Also, you may simply click "Identify" to let TunesGo fix missing ID3 tags automatically.

Fix Music ID3 Tags

Note: The feature is now only available on Mac version of TunesGo.

Part 3. Manage Playlists

Step 1. Add/Delete Playlists

Open TunesGo on your computer. Next, connect your Android phone to the computer. When the phone is connected, choose "Music". On the left panel, choose one playlist and right click, then you'll have option of creating new playlist, rename the playlist or delete the playlist.

Add and Delete Playlists

Step 2. Add Songs to Other Playlists

Choose a song and right click. Move the mouse cursor over "Add to playlist" and you'll see all playlists on your phone. Choose the one you want and song will be added to the playlist.

Add Songs to Other Playlist

Part 4. Delete Duplicate Songs

Step 1. Connect Android Phone to PC

On your computer, run TunesGo. Then plug Android phone to your computer. When the phone is detected, click "Music" and you will have the below interface. Please select "De-Duplicate".

Choose De-Duplicate

Step 2. Delete Music Duplicates

TunesGo have found duplicates in your Android phone. Check the "Delete Duplicates" button and remove items you don't want.

Delete Music Duplicates

Part 5. Delete Unwanted Songs in Bulk

Step 1. Select Songs to Delete

Open TunesGo on your computer. Then connect your Android device to your computer. After that, select "Music". From the songs listed, tick the songs you need and click "Delete". Or you may tick the blank next to "Name" to select all songs to delete.

Select Songs to Delete

Step 2. Verify Your Choice

On the pop-up window, click "Yes" to verify your choice and the songs you selected will be removed from your Android phone.

Delete Android Music

Now tracks in your music library are orderly organized. If you want to enjoy music in a portable handset, you can transfer these songs from PC to Android with TunesGo. Got any of your own tips for crafting the perfect music library? Share them with us in the comment box.