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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

By Avery Pacheco, 29/10/2014, updated on 21/01/2022

Are you upset with repeated contacts in your phone? And do you want to remove them all in a few seconds, instead of finding them out and deleting them one by one? Here comes the software called Android Manager, which contains many functions. And one of the functions is merging your duplicate contacts, therefore achieving the purpose of deleting repetitive contacts.

The biggest good point of Android Manager is that it takes only a few steps to merge duplicate contacts, which is very convenient and simple. And it supports almost all Android devices and Android versions. See Supported Android Devices here.

How to Merge Android Duplicate Contacts

Step 1: Connect to PC

Download and Launch Android Manager, and select "Android" option to connect your Android device to PC.

Delete Android Duplicate Contacts

Note: You can also choose to connect to PC by scanning the QR code.

Remove Android Duplicate Contacts

Step 2: Scan Out Duplicate Contacts

When the connection is done, click "De-duplicate" on the homepage or in "Super Toolkit", as shown below. Then it will ask you which accounts you want to search reduplicative contacts from, select what you'd like and click "Next" to move on.

Delete Android Repeated Contacts

Then duplicate contacts in your phone will be listed out, and it will show you the results of merging.

Remove Android Reduplicative Contacts

Step 3: Merge Repeated Contacts

You can preview them and decide which one and whether to merge. When you have made the choices, click "Merge". Then a dialog box will come out asking you to make sure of the emerging. Just click "Yes". And then the merging is finished.

Merge Android Duplicate Contacts

If you have the choice to do things in an easier way, why not go for it? Android Manager, not only gives you a better experience of deleting your duplicate data, but also serves you as the best Android manager.