Where there is a TunesGo, there is a music enjoyment!

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TunesGo provides a full range of platform allowing you to enjoy music everywhere since it can well manage music and videos between iOS/Android and PC.
Switch songs, videos, podcast, etc. between iTunes Library and Android/iOS with ease..
Do a music backup and restore it swiftly and safely.
Offer three ways to get free fantastic music files.
Manage music library well, such as add, de-duplicate and clear up items.

Win Mac

Transfer iTunes Music without Difficulty

  • Allow to move music back and forth between device and PC, which is compatible with all iOS devices, Android phones and Windows/Mac computer.
  • Support MP3, WAV, WMA and many other formats of songs as it can change the unfit format into the suitable one.
transfer iTunes music

Music/Playlists Backup & Restore Quickly

  • Just with one-click, backing up and restoring music, playlists, movies, TV shows, podcast, become possible.
  • Not only can you back up all contents in a step, but you can also do a backup for selected items.
manage music quickly

Discover, Download and Share Songs/YouTube

  • It is free to enjoy those music anywhere with searching and downloading them.
  • Without limitation, playing and sharing those lovely songs with it also work.
manage data

Professional Music Manager

  • Empower you to delete the duplicate songs and videos and clear up the total library.
  • Well fix the tags of the music files, for instance, size, album, artist, cover and genre.
transfer between phones