Mobile Transfer Frequently Asked Questions provides resolvent to the problems that encountered when using our product.

To transfer data from iPhone, but it is failed to be detected by Mobile Transfer. Why?

This case will be caused by the program failed to connect latest iTunes or do not turn off iCloud. So please follow the steps below to reinstall the program and try again.

1. Please make sure that you have turned off iCloud or Wi-Fi and the device is awake. You need to trust this computer when connected;.

2. Install the latest iTunes first. This URL provides iTunes download:

3. While connect it the first time, if there is a passcode of your device, unlock it firstly, un-plug and re-plug USB to check again.

Why Samsung is always failed to connect to the program?

Here are tips for your reference:

1.You need to make sure to enable the USB Debugging mode in Android devices.

2.Click the Connected for charging option and then select the Media device (MTP) or Camera (PTP) / Send images (PTP) option.

Then please find the correct driver for the device from the link below and install it on the computer.

As I press transfer, only 5 contacts can be transferred between two phones. Why other contacts cannot be transmitted?

The free trial version of Mobile Transfer provides 5 contacts transmission, while there is no limitation in backing up data but it just restores the first 5 contacts for free. If you want to transfer all contacts and more data mode, please purchase the program and then get the register code to do that. And the software is permanent used.

When transfer completed, I checked the contacts on iPhone and found that only names were transferred without numbers. What to do with it?

For the case, after opening the product on PC, please click the Back Up Your Phone button to backup the contacts first. Then click Restore from Backups > Restore to restore the contacts to another phone. It is another way to transfer contacts between phones for it is also able to backup and restore data.

How to fix the case that the transferred items lost or damaged in the destination phone?

Frequently, this case occurs if you copy both pictures and messages from Android to iOS device. Once the Android mobile is disconnected, the transferred pictures in the iPhone/iPad may get lost or damaged. To fix it, you can operate as the following tips:

1. Close the program and open it again to try.

2. Only select to switch the photos and remember not to transfer with messages.

Why I failed in transferring some text messages?

There are two suggested ways to fix your case, so you can try:

Method 1:

1) Please disconnect device to PC and plug it to PC again or try another USB cable.

2) Tick "Text Message" only to transfer and turn off the Wi-Fi while transferring.

In this way, we can check whether there is something wrong with SMS transferring.

Method 2:

1) Connect the source device and go to back up the messages.

2) Then, change to connect the destination device to PC and restore data from MobileTrans option. Select the backup file to restore it to the target mobile/tablet.

Why can't I preview the backup files after backing up via Mobile Transfer?

Actually, the backup file is saved as a BAK file which is not supported to view but you can restore it to the target device via Mobile Transfer and check the data on the target phone.