There are some answers for questions of Android Manager that we always encounter. Click it and solve your problems.

Why it failed to detect my device?

Referring the tips below to judge if you have to do as the following:

1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Android Manager.

2. Please keep your device powered on and USB debugging enabled

3. Connect your device to computer via USB cable, then drag down the dropdown menu and choose "MTP" mode For LG devices, they can be recommended to connect under Camera (PTP) / Send images (PTP) mode ONLY.

4. Make sure the right driver installed in your computer. Here is a link to find the right driver of your device:

5. If your device has been inserted with SD card, you can scan the card only with card reader to scan the lost media files.

Why it failed to backup Android App data?

1. Only some hot devices whose App data could be backed up without rooting are supported by Android Manager. If your device has been rooted, you'd better root it first. /root-android-phone-using-kingroot.html

If your device isn't in the form, you'd better root it first. /root-android-phone-using-kingroot.html

2. If your device is rooted, the following preparations should be done to back up Apps data successfully:

a. The app called Superuser, needs to be installed on your device which could be downloaded via the link:

b. Make sure the OS of your phone is of Android 3.0 or the above versions.

c. Connect the device to Android Manager via USB. (Currently, Android Manager could only backup the App data for rooted devices under USB connection.)

When I try to uninstall the product, why do I always receive the note "the program is still running"?

To this case, the product is running in the background. So when you attempt to uninstall it, you will see this message.

1.Tap Ctrl + Alt+ Delete to open Windows Task Manager. Click Processes to check whether Android Manager is running. If yes, select it and click End Process.

2.Click Start > All programs > Wondershare > MobileGo for Android > Uninstall Android Manager for Android to uninstall the product.

What is the difference between the trial and the full version?

The trial and registered versions of Android Manager is functionally the same product. The only difference is the trial version only works for 15 days.

If you'd like to use it after the free trial expires, you can go to the link below to buy the product. There would be no time limitation in full version. /android-manager.html

How to deal with the product prompts "Your device is sleeping now"?

When the device goes into sleep mode you would get such message. To resolve this problem, you can follow the steps below:

1.Restart your Android or reconnect the USB cable to wake it up.

2.If it doesn't work, try to this way.

For 4.0 system or later, you can tap Settings>Developer options>Stay awake;

For 2.3 system or earlier, tap Settings>Applications>Development>Stay awake.

What does it mean to "root" my phone and how can I do it?

If using Android, which is based on Linux operating system, the root user can be regarded as Administrator on Windows, who has full access to the entire OS and can do all as Administrator. The default state of Android is to hide the root user; and some apps cannot function without the root access. With it, you are able to disable bloatware that comes with your device, manually deny app permissions, run a firewall, access the entire file system, or tether your device even if the tethering functionality has been disabled. In fact, many of the apps that you will find on the Google Play will not work before rooting. As uninstalling apps, a notice as shown below would pop up on your device. Click Allow to go on.

After root, Android Manager can uninstall the preloaded applications.

Why do some contacts disappear in Outlook after I export them?

As Outlook has a feature to merge duplicate contacts automatically, some contacts will be merged to one contact and will not appear for the second time. Thus, don't worry about missing any contacts.