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WhatsApp Chat History Recovery on ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand

By Avery Pacheco, 31/12/2015, updated on 14/01/2022

ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand WhatsApp is apt for chatting. ZTE folks who always chat on WhatsApp should store chat history in their device. We all know that WhatsApp is able to automatically create daily chat history backup. However, to restore WhatsApp with backup, it requires a stew of steps to go: Reinstall WhatsApp > Sign into WhatsApp again > Restore chat history. If you prefer a simpler method to deliver WhatsApp chat history recovery on ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand without backup, Android Data Recovery should be your top choice.

Android Data Recovery is an ideal and reliable program to recover WhatsApp chat history from ZTE phone, including the complete contents of every conversation. The program works perfectly when retrieving data from ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand. Now, I will show you how to get back WhatsApp chat history from your Android.

WhatsApp Chat History Recovery on ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand

Step 1. Connect ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand to your Computer.

Run Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then connect your ZTE phone to the computer with a USB cable.

Connect Android to the Computer

Step 2. Check USB Debugging.

Device cannot be detected? Please go to your phone and enable USB debugging on the device. If USB debugging is turned on but your ZTE phone still cannot be detected, please re-connect your device and retry.

Enable USB Debugging

Step 3. Identity your Device.

When your phone is recognized, you can select file types to scan. Mark "WhatsApp messages & attachments". Then click the button "Next".

Select Data Types

Step 4. Allow Superuser Request.

You are required to allow Superuser request on your ZTE phone. Go to your Android phone. There should be a pop-up note occurred. Select "Allow/Grant". If this fails, please go back to your computer and click "Retry". If the request not pops up any more, please check the "Superuser Request authorization guide".

Allow Superuser Request

Step 5. Scan Android Data in ZTE.

The program will scan your ZTE phone once it gets permission to enter the device. According to file types you chose before, the program will precisely scan files designated. During the process, please do not unplug the phone.

Scan Data on Android

Step 6. Restore WhatsApp Chat History from ZTE.

When scanning is finished, you can selectively choose files you want to retrieve. Check "WhatsApp" at the left pane. Then you can review details of WhatsApp conversations, including name of people, phone number, time and chat contents. You can choose chats and press "Recover".

Restore WhatsApp from ZTE

Android Data Recovery has got your WhatsApp history back to the computer. If you want to retrieve deleted WhatsApp files from a broken phone, you can also use this program.