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How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to ZTE

By Avery Pacheco, 06/01/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

The consumption of ZTE Axon Pro is stimulated because of the lease-to-own payment plan, which allows customers to pay for their phone over time to make it more affordable. Amongst those who benefit from the plan, some are from iOS to ZTE. After getting the new Android, what they will need to do is to transfer important data. And for those who love texting their friends in their old iPhone, they will need to transfer text messages from iPhone to ZTE. In the below section, we will show how to finish the task with Mobile Transfer with one click.

Mobile Transfer is a comprehensive and powerful copy-and-paste tool. With this program, you can clone SMS from iPhone to ZTE without any loss. The task can be finished within four steps. For more details, just read on and see how to perform the SMS transmission.

Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to ZTE

Step 1. Open Mobile Transfer on PC. Launch Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then click the blue field and select a solution mode – "Phone to Phone Transfer". Make sure that iTunes is installed in your computer.

Transfer iPhone SMS to Android

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Android. Then successively connect your iPhone and ZTE to the computer with the USB cables that came with them. Respectively trust your iPhone and enable USB debugging mode of your ZTE phone so that both can be detected.

Move Text Messages from iPhone to Android

Step 3. Choose File Types to Scan. Both phones are recognized. The source should be iPhone and the destination ZTE. If not, click the button "Filp" and exchange their position. Next, hightlight what you want to in the middle pane. To copy SMS from iPhone to ZTE, just choose "Text messages" and click "Start Copy". If yu mark "Clear data before" at the left pane, old messages in the ZTE will be wiped and overwritten by the newly added ones.

Remove iPhone SMS to Android

Step 4. Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to ZTE. Mobile Transfer will copy iPhone SMS to the ZTE. This can take some time. Please wait with patience. During this process, please do not disconnect either phone. When the task is completed, click "OK" on the pop-up note.

Shift iPhone Messages to Android

All is done. Messages are compatible with the new phone. You don't need to convert the format of them. Reversely, Android Data Recovery is also useful when you need to transfer from Android to iPhone.