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How to Transfer SMS from iOS to Lenovo K3 Note

By Avery Pacheco, 18/09/2015, updated on 21/01/2022

For those who use an iPhone 6 and wants a Lenovo K3 Note as a spare phone, the first thing they need to do when getting the new device must be copying the old data from iOS to Android. And this could baffle a lot of people if they have not done it before.

Some would suggest that the users should do a backup file of the iPhone and then move them to the other handset with the computer. Actually, we can do this in a direct way without backing up the files. Click the button to get a Windows or Mac version of Mobile Transfer. It is an excellent program for data transferring and with it your text message can be easily migrated.

Copy SMS from iPhone 6 to Lenovo K3 Note

Step 1.Launch Mobile Transfer. When the program is set up, click its icon on the desk and you will get this window. The four sections with different colors represent the four functions Mobile Transfer has got. In our case, press the biggest section on the left side with the words "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Plug Phones into Computer

Note: Though it is called "Phone to Phone Transfer", you can apply the program to tablets and iCloud.

Step 2.Connect iPhone 6 and Lenovo K3 Note to PC. With two USB cables, you can plug iPhone to the computer first, and then Lenovo K3 Note. If you do it right, the two will be shown respectively on the left and right side. When the fact is not so, please click the button "Flip" to switch their locations. The next move will be choosing file type. Tick "Text messages". And you can check "Clear data before copy" if the SMS in the original phone need to be deleted.

Select Text Messages to Copy

Step 3.Start Copying SMS from iPhone 6 to Lenovo K3 Note. To begin step 3, you need to press the blue button which says "Start Copy". Once you have done this, the files will be migrated automatically. It shouldn't be long. And you can see how many messages have been copied so far. At the end, press "OK".

Wait for Finishing Transferring

Note: Remember not to disconnect the devices, or the data may be damaged.

The process would be much easier if you try this. We promise that you won't regret it. If you meet any difficulties, leave a comment and we will offer your proper solutions. And when you success, don't forget to share the experience with those who are in need.