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Tell a Story with your Android Camera

By Avery Pacheco, 27/06/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

Photography is a peek into our lives, reflecting our moods, thoughts, and more. In many famous magazines, photographers tell a story with their camera. Now, we, the amateurs or newbies only with an Android phone, can tell a story of ourselves, people around us and even a passerby. Then, here is how.

RULE 1. Always Isolate Your Subjects

Photography techniques you learned contribute to your ability to tell a story with your Android camera in many ways. The rule I will tell you here is isolating your subject. Make use of the composition rule – Rule of Thirds. This can help you make the subject stand out. And readers is able to know who is important, what that person or animal is doing, and why.

Isolate Your Subjects

Look at the picture below. It's man under the tree, gazing off into the mountains. You can interpret this photo in different ways. What is he doing? Is he a traveler? Why does he stand there alone? You can use your imagination to conceive the story.

RULE 2. The Stories You Tell Don't Have To Be True

It is funny. To tell a better story, don't be restricted by the truth. Work like a film maker who always throws the truth right out the window. This can create a more heightened experience of something rea. It is from the truth but exaggerated to some extent so it can be more impressive.

Stories Not True

When you are going to capture snaps, go out and find the most dramatic shooting locations you can. Remember to get rid of the clutter and focus on your subject.

RULE 3. Let Your Subjects Show More Emotion

Show More Emotion

You should try to get your subjects to show more emotion so that your photo can be more capitating. If your subject is kind of angry, get him or her even angrier. To achieve the goal, you can create a dynamic between two characters like creating a film. Define the role and make sure your characters know where they fit in. And you can directly tell the subject how to feel, angry, happy, and anything else.

RULE 4. Find Isolated Subjects and Capture Candid Moments

Capture Candid Moments

Compared to a produced photo, a candid one is much more authentic. But this can be a little bit difficult. You can go to a beautiful and dramatic location. A crowded street might work well if you manage to get everything but your subject blurred. However, it can be cluttered without processing well. If possible, pick an isolated and clean location, which is just as important as isolating your subject.