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Shoot the Best Photos with Your Phone for Girls

By Avery Pacheco, 08/08/2016, updated on 21/01/2022

Many girls like to post their photos on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. So if you are a guy and want to have a great time with your date, girlfriend, or wife, you better have grasped one essential skill: to shoot the best photos for girls with your phone (especially for those Instagram husbands, the fastest way to begin your meal is to have the beautiful photos of your partner done as quickly as possible!) Here we would like to share with you some tips to take great photos for girls with smartphone.

Basic Guide

Focus on eyes. To take a clear photo, it is important to properly focus your phone camera. And when taking a photo for a girl, it should focus on the girl's eyes.

Pay attention to photo composition. Some smartphones support camera grid, so turn on camera grid and it helps with photo composition. When a phone screen is divided into equal nine parts, the girl should be placed on the two-third of the screen, covering the left or right line and her legs should be the lower part of the image. Moreover, it is better to shoot a photo with simple background so that the girl can be highlighted in the image.

Photo Composition

Talk to the girl and let her know how she looks in the photos. Most girls don't really know how they look when shooting, and as the photographer, you should remind her how she looks. For example, her hair gets a little messed up.

Tips to Look Slimmer in a Photo

Girls want themselves to look slimmer in the photos. Therefore, when shooting photos for girls, you may want to keep the following tips in mind.

To make her face looks thinner, tell the girl to lower her head, use a hands-on-face pose, or let some strands hang by her face. When shooting a group picture, it helps when a girl stands in the middle and steps back a little. Moreover, taking photos with big objects, such as a big sculpture, can make the girl tiny in comparison with the objects.

Pose properly for the photos. When standing in front of the phone camera, the girl is better not to stand straight and show the camera more of her body. To look thinner, you should angle your body about 45 degrees away from the camera and push your weight on to your back foot.

To make a girl look taller in a photo, you should hold the phone vertically and take the photo from lower position. And the girl can pose with one foot forward and the other behind so that her legs can looks longer.

That's all. Next time you are asked to take photos for a girl, try these tips to give her a surprise.