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Note7 Recall-Normal Ways to Prevent Battery from Exploding

By Avery Pacheco, 18/09/2016, updated on 21/01/2022

Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall has grabbed the headlines for weeks, highly drawing attention of its customers. According to TIME Magazine, even though only a small number of phones with exploding problem are exposed, Samsung takes drastic steps to protect customers' safety as the devices that can heat up a lot and catch up fire will bring dangers around with users. So what might leads to such incidents? Are there any normal ways to prevent Note7 battery from exploding? In this guide, we will give the answers respectively.

Part 1. Reasons for Battery Explosion

1. Flaw in Assembly of the Battery

Samsung Note7, coming with lithium battery, can suffer from thermal runaway, whereby excess heat promotes more excess heat and so on. Plus, batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI, has a serious flaw in the assembly of the battery. Technical personnel indicate that chemicals in it are greatly active and have a low boiling point. Electrolyte can vaporize when getting heat. Furthermore, the expanding gases will break through the assembly. This will lead to explosion if there is electric spark.

Note 7 Battery Exploding

2. Thin Battery Gets Overcharging

Since the batteries and separator contained within are becoming thinner, there's less room available to keep the positive and negative plates in the battery apart. If anything gets in between these two plates, it can cause problems, especially when the battery is overcharging.

Part 2. Normal Ways to Prevent Battery Explosion of Samsung Note7

1. Original Battery Only

To avoid unexpected incident, you should only use the manufacturer's original battery or those produced from renowned replacement brands. Don't be tempted to purchase inexpensive products.

Use Original Battery

2. Don't Leave Note7 in Hot Areas

Never place your Samsung Note7 in hot areas, close to the fire, or under the sunshine, especially when your phone is charging, because ambient high temperatures will heat the batteries.

Never Leave Note 7 in Hot Areas

3. Charge or Use the Phone at a Ventilated Place

When playing with the phone, talking on the phone and more for a long time, especially charging the Note7 overnight, ensure it is in a ventilated place so that the phone can disperse heat.

Use Phone at Ventilated Place

4. Charge the Battery Appropriately

Charge your battery once it hits 50 percent. Do not use the phone when charging. Besides, the battery will damaged by low or high voltage.

Charge the Battery Appropriately

Strictly follow the afore-said tips so as to prevent your Note7 from unexpected exploding. And, backup your Samsung Galaxy Note7 regularly in case the explosion damages your phone and data in it. In addition, when your phone is damaged, fix it as soon as possible!