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What's New of Notifications in Android N

By Avery Pacheco, 08/06/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

Google I/O event, a festival for Android fans, was kicked off in US from May 18th-20th. On the event, Google announced the new products, including Google Home, Google Assistant, Allo, VR and more. Amongst them, Android N, which introduces a lot of new features, could the one drawn most attentions. In this post, we will show what's new of notification in Android N.

Quick Reply

When it comes to the previous Android version, one thing that annoys us most could be that we are not supported to directly reply from the notification shade. Now the good news is that Android 7.0 will meet our need by adding the quick reply feature. Developers make it possible to directly reply from the notification bar via the new API. We don't need to open the apps and answer anymore.

Android N: Quick Reply

What's more, Android N introduces more emoji, which is more characteristic and funny. When quickly texting back, you can use the new emoji.

Android N: Emoji

Notification Bundling

Well, notification bundling is, depending on who you ask, possibly even more exciting. For some, this might be a small feature, but it is a big surprise, especially for those who have plenty of apps and notifications. You may hate it when you get multiple notifications in the notification shade when you are asleep. Now Android N is able to sort messages by apps and bundle them together.

Android N: Notification Bundling