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Fantastic Multi-Window Feature on Android 7.0

By Avery Pacheco, 08/06/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

Although we once saw hints of multi-window support coming to Android, Google finally disappointed us. The multi-window was hidden deep in Android M which was released last year. When Pixel C was announced by Google, everyone though that the spilt view feature would come. Now, more users are demand for a multi-window support. When it comes to Google's Developer Preview, it's looking like Google will bring the fantastic multi-window feature on Android 7.0 to us.

Multi-window works on both smartphone and tablets. It is able to split the Android screen in half so that you can run one app on each half of the screen. If you are holding the phone horizontally, apps will be split side by side. If you hold the device vertically, apps will be arrayed at the top and bottom.

Android N: Multi-Windows

You can set an app up for split screen, YouTube for example. Run YouTube. Then touch the recent app button at the bottom. You can see windows of all kinds of apps running in your device. Then tap the YouTube window. Next, drag it to one half or the other. This will split the window so you can simultaneously watch YouTube videos at one side and play with other apps at the other side of the device.

In addition, when playing the device running on Android 7.0, you can find a new feature called Quick switch. Double touch this button, you can quickly switch between the current app and previous app you have used. For example, when you are talking on your Android, you can quickly switch to a note app and take some notes.

Android N: Recent Apps

Plus, the clear all feature is also introduced to Android. Users are allowed to quickly exit all apps opened on their phone. Android N is able to close apps which are opened but not used for long.