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How to Make Your Phone More Efficient with Your Phone Case

By Avery Pacheco, 12/08/2019, updated on 14/01/2022

In today’s society, everything is about effectiveness and efficiency. We use technology to maximize our lives. Our phones take on the role of our computer, GPS, alarm clock, and more! We also love accessorizing our phones to show off our style and personality, but what if we could do more? Check out how you can use your phone case to make your phone even more efficient. 

Phone Case

1. Double Your Phone Case as a Wallet

Do you want to pare down the number of things you carry on a daily basis? You can make your phone case double as your wallet! This allows for easy access to your cards and money. There is a limited amount of space with these cases, but this will encourage you to minimize the amount of things you keep in your wallet to just the necessities.

There are a lot of different options for these kinds of phone cases, so you can find one that best suits your needs. Some have more storage options than others, like a trifold wallet case. Others are simply an open pocket that you can keep cards and cash in. We suggest browsing through the Casely iPhone case selection to view the range of wallet cases available.

2. Extend Your Phone Battery

We use our phones all day for various purposes. Whether it be listening to music, getting where you need to go, or communicating with clients, phones are frequently at the center of our daily activities.

One of the worst occurrences is when you are out and your phone battery starts to get low! Don’t let your tasks sacrifice just because you can’t get to a phone charger. There are great cases with backup batteries to help you make it through the day!

Extend Phone Battery

3. Go Hands Free

If you use your phone to view media frequently or share media with others, you know how frustrating it can be to find a good position to set up your phone. Say goodbye to the days of trying to prop your phone up against a surface, and get yourself a phone case with a kickstand instead!

These phone cases have a simple design with allow for a piece of the phone case to pop out, enabling you to prop it up. This makes it easy to use your phone without having to hold it up when using Facetime or Skype, or recording video.

4.Stop Being Afraid of the Water

If you are a regular swimmer or work outside in the elements, you might be hesitant to bring your phone with you for fear of it getting wet. Water damage is one of the most frustrating ways a phone can break and happens all too often. If you don’t want to sacrifice your phone, look for a case that protects against water contact. There are some cases that even allow you to bring your phone underwater with you!

5.Get Flashy

If you take a lot of pictures, especially selfies, there are cases that can help you get the best lighting possible! Social media is a huge part of our world, and maintaining your social image and brand can be very important for many people’s careers and lives. If this sounds like you, try out a case that can bring your image to the next level.

We love phone cases that have built in lighting capabilities, like ring lights or LEDs. This ensures that you will always have a well-lit picture that will leave you glowing! This minimizes the amount of editing you have to do on your photos, and will help you take a better picture faster.