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Take Good Use of LG G5's Camera

By Avery Pacheco, 14/04/2016, updated on 21/01/2022

Well, we have known LG G5 Friends, which are comprised with series modules, including Cam plus, 360 Cam, wide-135-angle cam as well as magic slot for removable battery. It is obvious that LG has spent long endeavoring to revamp the camera. But how can we take good use of LG G5's camera? Besides the high-end design of the device, photography tips are necessary. In the passage, we will show you how to utilize the LG camera.


Tips 1. Double click the volume down button. This starts the camera app on your LG G5. After that, you can choose full auto mode. Then focus on the subject with the help of the lasing focusing module, which is quiet convenient and quick. Then press the shutter button and capture the picture.

Tips 2. Take advantage of the G5 dual camera and wide-135-angle camera. You can adjust white balance, ISO, shutter speed. Note that you can read specifications on the screen, which tells you current settings of the phone camera. You can snap nice picture easily with Android photography tips.

LG G5 Wide-angle Camera

Tips 3. LG G5 allows you to shoot 4K video and HDR photos. You can activate the 4K video option and HDR mode toggle. Note that when photographing sights, subject in the sun, in poor light and backlight, HDR mode will help you shoot higher-quality photo than the standard mode. However, we do not suggest you shoot a moving subject like the running car or the colorful subject with HDR mode.

Shooting Pictures

Tips 4. The camera plus offers you four physical controls and a grip to grab when photographing. Physical controls contain a two-stage shutter button, a video record button, a zoom dial, and a switch to jump into and out of the camera app. If you expect half press to focus, you will need the two-stage shutter button because holding it down will shoot photos rapidly. When it comes to the zoom dial, it sits right on the corner of the module. Spinning the button will conduct a hybrid digital zoom between the two sensors, jumping from the standard-angle 16MP sensor to the wider 8MP sensor.

LG G5 Camera Plus