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LG Charges Slow: How to Deal with It

By Avery Pacheco, 03/12/2016, updated on 14/01/2022

I can still remember the bad business trip experience due to slow charging of my LG phone. It took all night to charge my LG G5. But the next morning, the battery was only 50% full. And the battery was draining fast. Before I arrived the destination, my LG powered off due to low battery. So I failed to get in touch with others, use GPS or pay and more....

I think many have the similar experience with me. Slow charging really brings great trouble to us. So today we will show how to deal with LG charging slowly problem.

Solution 1: Use a New Cable

USB Cable

If your LG phone charges slowly, the first step is to check the USB cable. If the USB cable came with your LG device has been used for many years, then it may go through wear and tear. This is because the USB cable are dropped, bent, stepped on, left in card during scorching and freezing conditions and plugged in and out of devices on a daily basis. In this case, what you need to do is giving up on using the previous cable and purchasing a new one.

Solution 2: Get a Strong Power Source

LG Wireless Charger

Many may use their personal computer to charge the LG phone. This is one of the reason for slow charging. And if you are using a wireless charger, the phone is charged slowly too. So, we strongly recommend a dedicated wall charger. And you need to physically plug your LG phone into it. If you are doing this, you phone should be charged faster than with a wireless charger.

Solution 3: Replace the Battery with a New One

Replace Battery

You must have heard instances of Android manufacturers who recall the whole batches of batteries with issues like slow charging, fast battery consuming and even exploding. You can check if your phone's model came with a battery by searching online. If yes, ask for a replacement from the carrier. If the LG battery gets old and bad, purchase a new one.

Solution 4: Turn off Apps that are Sapping Battery

Turn off Apps

If some sneaky applications are not closed thoroughly and they are running in the background, then they are constantly draining power. And this will cause your LG phone to charge slower than with all the apps closed. So every time before the phone is charged, make sure that all the apps are closed. This can greatly save the battery and accelerate the charging.

Solution 5: Clean the USB Port

Clean USB Port

The slow charging can partly due to the lint, dust, and particles sticking in the USB port. Then you will be required to clear the USB port. Turn to a bright light and magnification. Check if there is dust in the port. Then clean the port with a needle, cotton swab, and more.

If none of the solutions successfully fixes the charging problem of your LG phone, you can send it to the carrier for fixing. But note that before that, back up the LG first.